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KINDERGARTEN TUTORIAL LESSONS (LETTER Kk): Fun Activities and Exercises for Kids

Updated on March 10, 2016
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I am a certified teacher and had been teaching for more than 30 years. My hubs sum up all my knowledge about education. See you around.

K is for kennel:


The next letter that I will discuss is letter Kk which is often misleading since it has the same sound with Cc. To avoid the problem, compare the two letters. Show the flash cards of K and C and tell the children that the two letters have the same sound only but they are not the same.

After the introduction, proceed to teach the kids about the things, objects or words that begin with Kk.

Here are the things that begin with Kk:

  • kangaroo
  • kayak
  • kilogram
  • kapok
  • kabob
  • kale
  • karakul
  • keg
  • key
  • keypad
  • kettle
  • kennel
  • keep
  • keyhole
  • kick
  • kid
  • kiss
  • kin
  • kite
  • king
  • koala


Game for Letter Kk

This activity will not only teach the children about letter K but it will also teach the kids to open the locked kit. First, explain to the children that you are going to have a game. You will show the key and the kit with the keyhole. Tell the children that key, kit and keyhole begin with letter K. After explaining what the children will do; give the key to the first child who will open the kit.

Inside the kit are flash cards of different letters. Each child will unlock the kit and pick a letter K that he or she will drop in a box labeled Kk. When the game is over, get all the flash cards inside the box and check if they are all letter Kk; if not, let the kids identify the letters that are not Kk.

This activity will further develop letter identification skills in the young kids.

Project Time:

Let the children play and have fun with the shapes and colors. You can make a kite with the kids. This can be a drawing you provide that they will color or you can cut the parts from cardboard then let them organize the parts and paste them on a bigger piece of paper. You can use colored paper to do this or you can use plain white paper and let them color the parts. This depends upon how you assess the children.

Children love project time and they will always love showing off what they make. Always praise whatever the children have accomplished so that they will be motivated to always work.

Finished Kite Project:

Other activities for letter Kk.

For Younger Kids:

  1. Tracing
  2. Coloring
  3. Matching letters and pictures
  4. Matching pictures and letters
  5. Project time
  6. Games
  7. Story time
  8. Reciting poems and rhymes

For Older Kids:

  1. Writing Kk
  2. Copying syllables
  3. Write the beginning syllable of pictures
  4. Matching the same syllables
  5. Matching pictures to the beginning letter
  6. Matching letters to pictures
  7. Reading syllables
  8. Story time
  9. Project time
  10. Reciting rhymes and poems

Sample Worksheet for Kk:


Review the syllables then introduce the new lesson. When I teach the syllables, I combine C and K, so the syllables will be like this: ca ke ki co cu , the reason is to avoid confusing the kids since both letters begin with the same sound. This is also the reason why I skipped the syllable activity in letter C.

Copying is an essential part of reading lessons too so always include the activity for the children to do.

Sample Worksheet for Syllables:

Aside from the other activities; blackboard work is also important. The children can write the syllable that you dictate on the blackboard instead of writing the syllables on paper.

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