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Updated on May 18, 2015


What do you want to know today? It was said that an enthusiastic and downtrodden young man approached the Greek Philosopher, Socrates and asked, “O great Socrates, I come to you for knowledge”. The philosopher took the young man down the sea, waded in with him, and drunk him under the water for thirty seconds. When he let the young man up for air, Socrates asked him to repeat what he wanted. “Knowledge, oh great one”. Socrates put him under the water again, only that time a little longer. After repeated dunking and deep-water responses, the philosopher asked, “what do you want”? The young man finally grasped, “Air. I want air oh great one”. Good, answered Socrates. Now, when you want knowledge as much as you wanted air, you shall have it”.

We send our children to school to save them from suffering. If our children do not receive enlightenment out of their education, we fear they will suffer in future. Because suffering is due to ignorance which is compared to darkness. Now, how can one in darkness be saved? By using the light. The moment the student desires knowledge as the air as in the young man’s case, the teacher takes the touch light of knowledge and present it before the student enveloped in darkness. That light in knowledge relieves him from the suffering caused by ignorance.

To gain knowledge, time and study would be required. As for time, all men have it in abundance. But study in today’s fast paced to chance. Successful people make a conscious effort to activity seek new ideas innovation and growth. We have schools enough of the kind that gives us general and special education and can turn us into excellent technicians in all branches of human activity. I feel as matter of urgency, we need a radical and maverick rethinking of this thing called school. What we really need is a school to make men. This is because the school as we as we have it in the last regime does not prepare the youth for the real world. Foremost, their university did not prepare them for today.

Why should one put time into studying subjects, one would never grasp in real life? Youths are today asking questions, and I think they need a convincing answer. Otherwise they will turn the other ways and develop their talents without adequate information looking at the world’s richest men today, did they get rich because of their formal education or schooling in the conventional perspective? Then what lies behind the two conflicting words: education and school.

The word education has it s root from the Latin word ‘educare’, meaning to ‘draw out;, assist in unfolding. This was why Socrates saw the role of an educator as that of a midwife whose function is to assist the individual to give birth to knowledge. Knowledge in this understanding is something that one gives birth to, that which comes from the individual inner-self or out of experience. Education therefore is a process of letting to be seen or known. It was in this contest that Augustine, canonized saint by the church, argued that if education is a process by which we seek to discover true knowledge, then one need not go outside of himself, for truth resides in the individual –“Do not wish to go out, go back into yourself. Truth dwells in the inner-man”- St. Augustine. Education is an inter-disciplinary subject which concerns everybody; a fact that revolutionizes a nation. In its most generic usage, education refers to all of man’s experience in his interaction with his never ending process-the individual draws out, experiences and learns from his cradle to the grave. In other words education is the process by which the innermost capacities of an individual are developed so as to make him a cultural member of his society.

An educated man is not necessarily one who has an abundance of specialized knowledge. An educated person has so developed the faculties of his mind that he may acquire anything he wants, of its equivalent, without violating the rights of others. Most of the millionaire entrepreneurs never finished college. What then makes it possible for people who might seem ordinary to achieve great things?

Schooling today and making good grades no longer ensues success, and nobody seems to have recognized the real happening than our youths. Adults don’t recognize that downsizing and upgrading today is laying off hundreds of workers. There is no job security anymore. But there is employment security. That I think is the spirit of the time. So if schooling was the only process and only answer in the earlier times in pursuit of organized knowledge, it may be one way out of the many formal and informal ways of making ones ideas realised.

The world is changing. But the process of education available to the majority is not changing with it. So how can people be taught what the school does not teach? According to David Oyedepo, “every outstanding transformation, every resounding success is traceable to discovered secret. Certain information handled down to you and when properly traded with, it brings you your desired end”.The secret of great men is in their schooling their tells them stories. Their search for this unchanging law seen as secret of achievers in our world is their career. The applications of this secrets and overcoming of obstacles associated with its applications put any man in the upper class of achievements.
Looking for a better life, or soul searching? It starts inside without walls of rigidities. What is required of you is determination, your tenacity to fight, and the initiative you take to get out of your present situation. Every circumstances or career requires a school and your school respects your choice. It obeys your commends when its walls is surrounded. It then carries out your order because you are the driver of your destiny. Nobody can live your life for you nobody can make the right decision for you. You are an individual and unique. If you allows others from other school of their lines or thoughts to take the leadership position of your own situations or pressures to rule your decisions, you must be prepared also to accepts the due consequences of the decision they make for you.

Over the years I have come to the discovery that casting success in life cannot be achieved from the outward school are from the inside. But I have two problems with formal schooling. The first is that it wastes too much time over arrival aspects of true knowledge. Too much time spent on analyzing can cripple the imagination. You become so focused and specialized on the old way of doing things that you can no longer concern of any other way, you lose sight of the forest for the trees. Eventually spending a long period studding the existing process. It begins to make sense to you, it does look so good. Having becomes comfortable with the process, you will be incapable of proposing any radical charge to it. If analysis as used in schools can be obviously a waste of time, why then is it common?

Management means unveiling the creative processes that guide the way things are done, the way we work. It is synonymous with continual improvement. Hence an effective manager has a certain child like qualities. He is childlike the sense that he has not been trapped by the learned rigidities that immobilized the rest of us in his chosen field, he does not have the brittle knowledge. Of a man who thinks he knows all the answers despite his diversified knowledge. This advantage permits all kinds of combination and recombination of experience.

Every true manager is not an outlaw but a lawmaker. Thus every great performance has been the result of order brought out from chaos. It hence brings about a new relatedness, connecting things that did not previously seen connected. It stretches a more embracing frame- work, and moves towards a larger and more inclusive understanding.

Training and education are the processes through which people acquire skills and understanding of these, it could be argued, that understands the most crowning effort of education. Yet it is clear that understanding can hardly be developed in the absence of knowledge. But skills without knowledge is like an empty barrel. No soul will be found in it. However, neither knowledge nor understanding would move the society without clothing the knowledge in form suitable for the mass society to benefit from it. When there are no skills to enable wealth building activities to be performed, the society suffers. And poverty becomes the order of the day.

An investment for entrepreneurship of today needs good well-planned training resources which are properly used. Hence becoming independent needs something more than desire – a good entrepreneurship education. So in today’s fast managing and handling decision making in events at the outset, and to be learn and acquire new understanding periodically in the course of ones career. Therefore careful planning and selection of training programmes are essential for the best return on this important investment.

Entrepreneurship can be taught. Going to a school to learn how to do business wasn’t a fashionable idea before now. Except for few who chose the courses pretended to teach you how to do business management like business studies.

Thus when I finished my first college degree in Chemical Engineering and my interest grew in business, I decided to take up a post graduate degree in business management. My conviction in this was absolutely sincere but did not make any practical sense afterwards. From the name, business management, you no doubt would expect that once you earn your degree certificate in it, you should be able to launch yourself to the business world and prosper. Many have taken that course with the intention of one day realizing their dream of owing their own business. But how mistaken many found out they were.

I think that the best way to go into business immediately after training is to go to organisations and schools where entrepreneurship are taught.


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