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Updated on May 6, 2011

Learning about yourself

You know we all take things for granted and the things we take for granted are often different simply according to our past experiences. Recently, I was in conversation with a legal friend of mine who often leaves me well behind when recounting the points of law that cases may be decided upon. I put him in my top of the tree intelligence list. Then, the other day, we were conversing generally when the topic eventually centred on aspects of Human Anatomy and Physiology. Now I should make it clear here and now my friend does not specialise in Criminal Law, but Litigation, so his professional life requires no such personal knowledge. I, on the other hand studied years ago to become a Teacher and as part of the course studied Anatomy and Physiology, especially in our final year and did rather well in the final examination as I recall.Even so, my use of the subject has probably been of more use to me in learning of myself and what my body could do and how age changes the parameters for all of us. Obviously for others, for example the Medics or would be Medics and Physiologists there is a professional need to dig deeper into the facts about ourselves and our physical make up. Yet I do contend that we all need to know more about ourselves in these areas than many, including my learned friend clearly do.


I have long understood the need to listen to your own body but it was only recently that I realised that as with language, you can listen, but if the language is alien or the dialect unknown then it is a pointless exercise. I believe we should do more in schools to teach Anatomy and Physiology to the young than we do. After all they have a long journey in front of them and need surely to know more of what they are travelling in. I have long kept my old text books for ,admittedly occasional, reference and I believe every home should have a point of reference for the area under discussion. Modern presentations and understanding of the need to make information much more user friendly than in my earlier days, have seen many excellent publications made available for us all. An example is included in the link below here to underline just how interesting things are now presented, a far cry from my old ,dusty, text books. Learning now is a pleasurable experience, not a chore thanks to modern presentations, so none of us can really have any excuse for not knowing how we function. That m" lud is the case for the plaintiff {or is it the defendant?}


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