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Kennesaw Student Hacks

Updated on September 21, 2015

Central Parking got you down?

Running late to class because the parking deck was full? Believe it or not the Central deck may not be as packed as you thought it was. Most students enter in on the second floor of the deck and are forced to go up, but go one lane over into the faculty entrance and go to the basement. Here you will find dozens of parking spaces that not many student know exist.

Student Center Parking

In a hurry to get to class and you know you will be on campus until late? Parking in the Student Center Lot does cost money....most of the time. The parking crew leaves the ticket booth at 11 pm, so if you are in a hurry to get to class and you know you will be on campus until then; you can snag a parking spot right in the middle of campus.

Game Day Parking

Didn't get a parking spot to the game? Can't find a friend to carpool with? Not to worry! There are three Cash around campus, and they even have B.O.B running a shuttle. These lots are the Teal, Lime, and Purple lots and can be found below.

BOOM! ->

Lets talk Chick-fil-a

Now the prices might be a little more expensive that the average Chick-fil-a, but there is a drink hack that can change your day. Although you can only get a single refill from the Coke FreeStyle machines, you can get unlimited refills from Chick-fil-a Lemonade and Tea if you keep your receipt.

Student Discounts

There are a ton of there all over the Kennesaw area's but here are a few that I have found very useful:

Dunkin Donuts: 10% off with Student ID

Cheeseburger Bobby's: 7.77 for a Cheese burger meal with Student ID

Playstation: 2 dollars cash back on video game rental and purchases

Steak and Shake: download the CouponSherpa app and get over 30 coupons each month to save you a ton of money.

And lets not forget about 6 months of free Amazon Prime with your Student ID

*exclusions may apply

Feel free to comment with your favorite student discounts.

Got Junk?

Kennesaw has a Facebook page specific to buying selling and trading. You can go to Kennesaw B/S/T to search through other people's products and post your own. This is a great place to buy books for cheap! Link below!

Need Homework Help?

Check out the Math Lab

Or the Writing Center

Happy Hacking! Feel free to comment with your own Kennesaw Hacks!


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