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Kentucky Homeschooling Laws

Updated on July 13, 2011

What is Required When Homeschooling

Home-schools are put into the same category as a private school, a non-public school in the state of Kentucky. There are certain requirements that are required by law to be meet every year. There is much controversy and debate upon what these requirements should be in each state. One thing that is the same in every state is you have to write to the superintendent to let the school system know your child(ren) will be home-schooled. You need to tell them the names and ages of all the children to be home-schooled. You always want to make sure to include your address and phone number. Some schools will say you need to provide them with the name of the curriculum you plan on using, but by law you do not have to do this. They can ask you, but you do not have to tell them.

Homeschooling Laws

* Your required to have 185 days minimum during a school year. Only 177 of them are required for teaching academics. The other 10 are for non-instructional days.

* The required subjects are math, civics, reading, spelling, writing, history, and grammar.

* It is required that of the 177 instructional days, your child(ren) be learning 6 hours a day.

* You are required to keep track of attendance as well as the progress in each subject.

* Keep track of the attendance of how many days your child(ren) is doing school.

* If you are ever asked to show proof of any of the above things, you have the right to have this meeting at a neutral location. It does not have to be at your home. You do not have to let anybody into your home (under the constitution) without a warrant.


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      Deborah 6 years ago from Italy

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