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Kenyan Government to give laptops to students amidst cheating in exam

Updated on March 3, 2016

Kenya Laptops and Exam

The Kenyan government has decided to provide laptops for Kenyan students to help them with their study. This was supposed to be treated as a kind gesture, as most citizens of other countries may wish to have their government do same. However, it did not pan out as the Kenyan government might have anticipated.

Kenya happens to be one of the African countries struggling to keep their educational structures running with ease. According to people in the educational sector, providing laptops is not a bad idea. However, they said basic educational facilities have not been provided yet and therefore deem it ridiculous for the government to overlook their deficiencies.

Kenyan educational sector lacks adequate infrastructure. They complained of not having enough desks in their schools and actually lacked basic facilities. The Kenyan citizens are therefore calling for their government to help solve the basic educational issues before any other item on their agenda.

In the midst of disapproval for the Kenyan government's distribution of laptops is another issue of students cheating during exam. This may be termed a common occurrence during examination in most parts of the world. However, in Kenya's situation, the number of students caught cheating during examination has sky-rocketed and has become a national issue.

Recently, about five thousand (5000) students were caught cheating during examination. This is definitely an alarming number. The Kenyan National Examination Council has therefore decided to cancel the results of the five thousand students involved in the act.


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