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A Poem For Graduating Kindergarteners

Updated on April 21, 2015

Values Learned in Kindergarten in Alphabetical Order

I'm beginning to realize more and more every day that my last baby is graduating from Kindergarten in 12 days. She will soon be among the world of the "big kids". How fast the years go. All three of my children have been blessed to have the same Kindergarten teacher who not only educated them, but loved and nurtured them as well. Her class has been a lesson in values everywhere from classwork, to playtime, to just one on one interaction. Here are some of the things that Kindergarteners can take with them as the graduate (in alphabetical order):

Always do your best.

Be kind to each other.

Clean up what you mess up.

Discover something new every day.

Eat healthy fruits and vegies.

Friends make the world a fun place.

Give people the respect they deserve.

Help others.

Include others.

Jesus loves you.

Keep your hands to yourself.

Let other people have a turn.

Make friends with everyone regardless of looks or abilities.

Never look down on others.

Offer to help when someone needs it.

Pay attention when people are talking so you understand what they are saying.

Quiet time is necessary sometime.

Respect other's things.

Stay away from things that can hurt you.

Take responsibility when you do something wrong.

Undo mistakes by trying again. Mistakes are OK when we learn from them.

View others as equal.

Wishing and dreaming lead to goals and achieving.

EXert everything it takes to get the job done.

Yesterday's lessons should be remembered today.

Zealous teachers and eager students make the world a much better place.

Can you just imagine what our world would be like if everyone remembered the lessons they learned in Kindergarten! Thank you Mrs. Niemeyer and all other Kindergarten teachers for giving our children a foundation that can last a lifetime.

(OK to share, but please use "by Wendy DePury" if you use this anywhere besides Hubpages. Thank you.)


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