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Kindergarten Readiness: Washington State

Updated on November 28, 2015

After taking a look at the Washington State Department of Early Learning website, I made a list of requirements for Kindergarten readiness. Now is the perfect time to start preparing kids for kindergarten. The bulleted list that is easy to read, and since it has been helping me so much.

For a printable version, click here.

Learning Subjects For Kindergarten Readiness


  • Sing
  • Simple dance moves to a beat
  • Make musical beats


  • Count to ten
  • Count up to five objects
  • Identify how many are in a group (up to 3)
  • Understand the difference between whole and part
  • Sort items (Same/ different, Big/ small, long/ short, over/ under, above/ below, inside/ outside, heavy/ light, behind, around, high/ low etc.)

Reading/ Language

  • Speak so most people can understand
  • Recognize plural forms of words (cats, dogs, fish etc.)
  • Identify one's own name
  • Identify familiar words (like on the stop signs)
  • Decide whether two words rhyme
  • Use pictures to predict a story
  • Tell stories (made up and familiar retelling of stories
  • Copy or trace shapes and basic letters


  • Ask a lot of why and what questions
  • Recall items after they have been put out of sight
  • Create steps 2-3 for basic tasks
  • Follow 2-3 basic steps
  • Recognize that different forms of life need different care
  • Compare and contrast different animals
  • Same/ different, Big/ small, long/ short, over/ under, above/ below, inside/ outside

Social Studies

  • Name family members (ie brother, sister, mom, dad etc.)
  • Draw family
  • Recognize who’s parents are whose
  • Act/ behave like another person in the family for a short time
  • Play pretend/ make believe
  • Recognize the importance of traditions and cultural celebrations
  • Identify some likes and dislikes
  • Imitate/ recognize basic emotions (ie sad, happy, angry etc.)

Life Skills

  • Say name (first and last), age and gender
  • Name family members and other important people in the child’s life
  • Follow basic clean up steps
  • Help with some cooking
  • Complete some basic daily routines
  • Brush teeth, get dressed etc.
  • Wash/ dry ones hands and body
  • Wash/ dry objects

Gross Motor Skills

  • Walking, running, climbing, jumping
  • Balancing on a beam or a line
  • Balance on one leg
  • Catching and throwing a ball

Fine Motor Skills

  • Draw basic shapes and lines
  • Puzzles of 3-4 pieces
  • Stringing large beads/ Sewing with yarn and cardboard
  • Button, zip and unzip, open and close fasteners and jars


  • Sense and identify familiar smells
  • Describe differences in touch (ie is it fuzzy, slimey, hard, sharp etc.)
  • Sense and identify familiar sounds
  • Describe the way a familiar object feels, smells, looks and sounds

When I was preparing some of the kids I take care of for Kindergarten, I tested them to see what they needed to work on. Then we worked on two or three skills they could not do at all each week and one or two skills they could almost do with no help per day. At the end of each week, we would review. At the beginning of each week we would review the last weeks skill set.


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