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Kinds and Uses of Fertilizer

Updated on November 7, 2009


Kinds and Uses of Fertilizer

Fertilizers are substances added to the soil that are able to increase soil fertility.

2 Kinds of Fertilizer:

1.    Organic fertilizer or natural fertilizer

is fertilizer made of decayed plants and animal waste.

2.    Inorganic fertilizer or artificial fertilizer

consists of commercially prepared fertilizers such as ammonium sulfate, super­phosphate and muriate of potash.

Ways of Applying Fertilizers:

1.    Band application

—        is done by digging furrows around each plant

2.    Broadcast method

is done by scattering fertilizers uniformly on the soil

3.   Side dressing/. localized application

- application of fertilizers close to the seed or around the growing plant

4.   Foliar application

— is done by dissolving fertilizer in water and applying through a spray


Organic Fertilizers:

1.   Animal Manure - contains much organic materials valuable to the growth of crops. It should be dried before it is applied to the soil as fertilizers.

2.   Green Manure - planting leguminous crops over the areas and when they bear flowers, they are plowed and left to the soil until they decompose and become fertilizers for the crops.

3.   Composting - the process of changing plant and animal waste into the simplest organic materials used as fertilizer.

Common Methods of Composting:

1.   Compost pit method - done by digging a pit big enough to accommodate cut grass and other dried plants in the garden.

2.   Compost heap method - organic matter are piled just on top of the ground without digging a pit.


Function of the 3 major fertilizer elements:

1.   Nitrogen - gives a dark color to the plants and promotes their growth. It increases the protein contents of the food crops.

2.   Phosphorus - aids in root development, flowering and seed formation. It pro­motes the rapid growth of plants and hastens maturation of crops.

3.   Potassium - increases vigor and disease resistance in plants. It strengthens the straw, stalks and stems of the plants.



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