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Ask for a Kiss in 42 languages

Updated on March 26, 2012

Your heart starts pumping more blood around your body. Your facial muscles get a workout and you burn 2-6 calories a minute. You feel loved, relaxed and happy. You are strengthening your body's defenses. That and much more is happening while you are kissing.

You might have a serious relationship. In that case, talking in different languages can be very sexy, especially if you use the right words. Ask your partner to kiss you in a cute, different way. You can laugh together at your accent and then have a long wild kiss.

Or you might be single and enjoying a holiday abroad. You get to know someone from that country and you want to impress them. Kiss me isn't exactly the first sentence you would want to use if you just met them. Spend certain amount of time in their company, decide whether or not you like them, and then say it. Life is short and you might as well enjoy every bit of it. :)

Afrikaans – Soen my

Albanian – Puth mua

Arabic – to a male Boosni / To a female Booseeni

Armenian - Hampyurir indz

Basque - Musuka nazazu

Catalan – Dóna'm un petó

Bulgarian - Tselunee me

Chinese - wěn wǒ

Croatian – Poljubi me!

Czech – Polib mě/ Dej mi pusu

Danish – Kysse mig

English - Kiss me

Esperanto – Kisu min

Estonian – Suudle mind

Filipino – Halik sa akin

Finnish - Suudella minua

French – Embrasse-moi

Galician - Beije-me

German - Küss mich

Greek – Filise me

Haitian – Bo m’

Hebrew – To a male Tenashek Oti / To a female Tenashki Oti

Hindi - Mujhe pyar karo

Hungarian - Csókolj meg

Icelandic - Kyssa mig

Indonesian – Menciumku

Irish - Póg dom

Italian – Baciami

Japanese - Watashi wo chuu shite

Latin - Oscula me/ Basite!

Lithuanian - Pabučiuok mane

Norwegian – Kysse meg

Polish - Pocałuj mnie

Portuguese – Me beija / Me dá um beijo

Romanian - Saruta-ma

Slovak - Pobozkaj ma

Slovenian - Me poljubi

Spanish – Dame un beso / Besame

Swedish – Kyssa mig

Thai – Jub / if you want to sound cuter say Jub jub – kiss kiss

Turkish - öp beni

Welsh - Cusan i mi


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    • dkoffski profile image

      dkoffski 5 years ago from Piedmont, SC

      I like knowing how to ask for a kiss in English, lol, but now my choices are innumerable. Thanks!