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Kitchen Essentials for College Students

Updated on March 2, 2011

Kitchen Items No College Student Should Live Without

When going off to college there is a long list of things you must have in order to live a happy and successful college lifestyle. Some of the more oblivious things on this list include books, computer, and beer. But there is one commonly forgotten category of items that will be vital to your success in school. Unfortunately most college students do not figure out how important these items are until at least their sophomore year.

Having the right kitchen appliances and kitchen tools can help any college student solve the issue of eating healthy and easily while in school. There are certain specific kitchen items that will make your life in college much easier by saving time and improving your diet. All of these items are widely used by college students across the country to make eating at college easier and less time consuming. I would suggest checking these items out if you are planning on starting school soon or are currently a student. These kitchen essentials have made life much easier for thousands of college students already.

George Foreman Non-Stick Broiler Grill
George Foreman Non-Stick Broiler Grill

George Foreman Grill

The George Foreman Grill aka the "Lean Mean Grilling Machine" is crucial for any college student that eats meat on any kind of a regular basis. Many college students consider meat to be an important part of their diet because meat is generally cheap and provides a lot of protein as well as other nutrients. The Foreman Grill is great because it is easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, and it cooks food very quickly. The grills themselves are also not very expensive and they will probably last longer than you are in school.

Of all the George Foreman models that I am familiar with, I would recommend the Nonstick Countertop Broiler Grill. This is the model that I used throughout college. It has all the features that other models offer such as the nonstick surface, and the ridges that make it so easy to clean. But the fact that this grill is a broiler means that you can cook food faster and waste less time waiting for your food to be done sizzling on the grill. I used my George Foreman Grill countless times while I was in school and I heavily recommend it for anyone attending or planning to attend college.

Mr Coffee will keep you awake and alert in class!
Mr Coffee will keep you awake and alert in class!

Mr. Coffee

It is a fact that the majority of college students are night owls and not early risers. Many college courses will have you both staying up into the wee hours studying, and waking up ridiculously early for lectures and class. It is for this sole reason that a drug called caffeine was invented and put into coffee. At some point in your college career you are most likely going to turn to the power of coffee for a quick pick-me-up.

While there are many great coffee pots and brewers on the market, there is one that stands (in my opinion) as the sole answer to the coffee woes of college students. Mr Coffee does not take breaks and you can always count on him to deliver the awakening relief that comes from a fresh hot cup of coffee. This coffee pot uses regular filters and can make a small batch or up to 4 cups at a time. Best of all, Mr Coffee is very cheap and as long as you clean him regularly he will last you through your college years. A great coffee pot will keep you awake, productive, and ready to succeed in college.

Make rice and steam food quickly!
Make rice and steam food quickly!

Rice Cooker

A rice cooker is an awesome thing to have in college because it allows you to easily prepare cheap meals that use rice as a main ingredient. You can also to steam vegetables in just minutes. Throughout college I used my rice cooker all the time. Rice is a food that can be bought in bulk quantities for a very cheap price. It also lasts a long time so there is no need to worry about your bag of rice becoming to old to eat before the bag is usually gone. There are literally hundreds of meals that can be made quickly using a rice cooker, all for generally around one to five dollars. Rice cookers are extremely dependable and easy to use. When I first bought my rice cooker I had not ever used one before, but within weeks I was able to create all kinds of dishes with it. A rice cooker is a must have for any college student. It makes any meal quick, healthy, and best of all affordable.

Nonstick pans are great to have in the kitchen!
Nonstick pans are great to have in the kitchen!

Nonstick Cooking Pans

Cooking in college is usually done the quickest and easiest way possible. Having a dependable set of nonstick cooking pans will help you to easily prepare meals on the stove-top in no time. There is an endless number of different meals that can be cooked using a fry pan. They can be used to cook up a quick breakfast, fry some chicken or other meat for a hot lunchtime sandwich, or prepare a full meal for dinner with sides and an entrée. No matter what you are cooking, if you are in college you will frequently call upon the cooking power of your nonstick cooking pans to assist you in making a great quick meal. These pans are not very expensive and will last an incredibly long time. The nonstick surface is a hard anodized material that will not wear off over time or in the dishwasher. These pans are dependable and will last as long as you are in school and likely much longer. They are a great investment if you are a college student and enjoy cooking quick and cheap meals in your own home.

A Magic Bullet set comes with a variety of accessories.
A Magic Bullet set comes with a variety of accessories.

Magic Bullet

If you have not heard of the Magic Bullet, it is basically a bender that slices and dices anything you need in just a matter of seconds. The Magic Bullet is great for college students because it can be used to make home made smoothies and shakes. It also comes with a wide variety of accessories such as attachable cups (small and large), different blades for varied applications, two mugs with detachable rims, and also some recipes for things to easily make using the Magic Bullet. This little blender is very easy to clean and the cups and mugs are detachable and dishwasher safe. One great application that I found for the Magic Bullet in college was for making quick protein shakes before or after I would work out. Just pour in whatever you are mixing and push down on the inverted Magic Bullet cup for around five seconds and Wallah! you have cheap, easy-to-make smoothies, shakes, and drinks. The Magic Bullet is great, especially for college students. 

First, Succeed in the Kitchen

Eating in college is very important because it is what gives students the energy to be able to study and learn. College food can be made more quickly and easily if students utilize helpful kitchen tools to make eating on a college budget easier and healthier. All of the kitchen products above come highly recommended by myself because I have used each of these products successfully in the past. These five college kitchen essentials will no doubt save any college student time and money by making eating easier while going to school.


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