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Know Thy Enemy By His Sail On The Horizon .....

Updated on April 25, 2010
Nothing Good Can Come Of This !!!
Nothing Good Can Come Of This !!!

My Way Or The High Seas .....

"YOU know what is best for you and I will do everything in my power to enable you to pursue YOUR definition of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". "I know what is best for you and I will do everything in MY power to make you follow what I think SHOULD be your definition of life, liberty, and and the pursuit of happiness". Politics. Parenting. Neighborly relations. It seems most human interactions can be distilled to this simple form.....either YOU know what is best for you, or I know BETTER what is best for you. It would follow that even accepting this premise tests this premise. I either let YOU decide that you AGREE with me and my beliefs on this, or I work to what ever degree necessary to ACHIEVE, even COERCE your agreement with me. "Agreeable disagreement" has become mostly unacceptable. It went out with that "turn the other cheek" thing, and that "love thy neighbor" peacenik fellow, JESUS something or other I think. My radio today played an example of the power of choices our local school children are currently allowed to make, but seem to be in danger of losing, Using the little tyke's "health and nutrition" as the club to beat us into accepting what was asserted, personal choice as an option and learning tool for our little Janes and Johnnys may soon be eliminated. A wise and all knowing-all compelling school board member around here stated their commitment to "physical fitness" for all kids of all grades, and all that concept would entail., Starting at the earliest possible age, it was proposed our community's kiddies should again see property taxes used to force an even greater share of their parent's decision making be supplanted by those elected officials who deem politicians better able to raise someone else's children than the ma and pa themselves. Specifically, a call was made for the complete and eternal banishment of demon soda pop from the halls of our local educational facilities. This is thought best accomplished by "pulling the plug" on soft drink's natural co-conspirator, the contemptible pop machines themselves. Those colas, root beers, and their kin are simply gateways to harder and more dangerous addictions .... candy, doughnuts, burgers AND fries together with DIET soda ( Oh My Odin ) ..... where will it all end ??? When sugary / fatty foods are outlawed, only outlaws will be obese diabetics !!! Little Debbie in a scruffy Che Guevara beard and rakish beret will be our symbol ..... smuggling empty calories in any form to America's youngsters in defiance of the government ..... our slogan, "Swiss Roll lovers of the world UNITE !!! You have nothing to lose but your NAGGING HUNGER !!!" In reality, kids will lose an even more vital learning experience that blows to cookie dust HELL the contended ill health or dental effects a few cans of pop will inflict, At stake is that knowledge most necessary for adult survival which is best gained and strengthened by its very usage, early and often, That knowledge, equivalent to "climbing the mountain to ask the wise man up there the meaning of life", is the theory and practice of MAKING CHOICES, with or without resulting consequences, then learn, rinse and repeat. This is the stuff of life. It is a lifelong non-stop endeavor, and must be perfected to the brink that an individual's temperament and DNA allow. It is the secret to having even a SHOT at achieving the above mentioned life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

It Takes A Viking To Raze A Village .....

When one is a child, odds are that bad decision making will not be fatal, much less even painful for any length of time (although because of their short existence it may seem like an eternity to our Viking youth). Limited financial, physical or mortal consequences make it THE perfect time for our longship lads and lassies to experiment with the fine art and science of decision making. In much greater measure as youthful physical exercise is critical to lifelong good health, the intellectual exercises of math, history (do we or don't we want to repeat it ???) sciences, and the rest, are a critical foundation to lifelong good mental health. Threading through and paramount to physical and mental calisthenics is BEING ALLOWED to make the positive and negative choices our Earthly living and breathing demands, then experiencing the consequential angst or joy all FREE choices bring. Our mostly carefree romp through youth is the only "life's safety net" we get. It magically disappears around 18 or so, more or less. As little non-Norse bodies eventually grow weak and flabby, sending roots into the couch while playing endlessly with their little electronic devices, so does a little non-Norse mind grow flabby being denied ever increasingly difficult decision making opportunities. Exponentially more numerous and complex decision making eventually gives our Viking offspring the skills and strength necessary to conquer the ultimate, but near extinct exercise of SELF-CONTROL. Here's how I remember it in the mists of my Viking upbringing: MAKE DECISION, (good or bad), CONSEQUENSES, (good or bad), SELF-CONTROL, (almost always GOOD !!!). Time in youth is short to discover that the hair styles and fashions of today become the comb-overs and leisure suits of tomorrow. Reputations lost today become endearing characteristics in the future sagas told and retold, when time is given the chance to heal all wounds. Adult decision making becomes ever increasingly serious business. One short lapse in weighing the consequences of EVERY decision the deep-voiced taller ones among us make no longer leads to an overnight eternity sleeping alone, toyless with an empty belly. Gone are the 2 weeks in a steaming summer's bedroom watching all the squeeky-voiced good decision makers in the neighborhood playing kick the can in YOUR backyard WITH YOUR OWN DANG CAN !!! Living in a hole under the bridge is nice should you decide skOoL isn't your thing. You think what that kid down the block wears is worthy of bullying them, well there is an accommodation for you where you can all wear the same baggy blaze orange and slippers because it so matches the grey bars you are living behind. Decision making is Viking tough. The consequences that come with every adult decision is a hundred longships of burning pillaging Norse terror leaving nothing standing or alive in your village tough. How many times should I flip that house ??? How much of this powdery stuff should I stuff up my nose before I smoke a few rocks of it ??? Should I vote for the guy who will spend trillions of Chinese/American dollars on war, or should I vote for the guy who will spend trillions of Chinese/American dollars on healthcare ??? Maybe I should pack all the women and children, cows and horses, weapons and cod fish into my open longship, set sail on the cold harsh sea, and see what adventures life has in store far over the ever shifting horizon. You know which one I choose. How about you, Viking ???


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    • valeriebelew profile image

      valeriebelew 7 years ago from Metro Atlanta, GA, USA

      I don't know what this writing was meant to do, but for me it spoke to the ever present notions of political correctness and modern day "thou shalt nots," that have taken the place of the old Bibical ones. There is always some blanket belief choking out the free spirit. Interesting writing.

    • profile image

      Mickey Gilbertson 7 years ago

      My nephew the author on American Norwegian folklore and gossip. Keep it up kid remember to size up the audience yo want to read to.