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Korean Shortened Words: Chatting and Text Messaging in Korean

Updated on April 29, 2013
Social Network Map
Social Network Map

Do Koreans Love Social Networking Sites?

Koreans are really like bookworms who are always carrying a lot of books on their bags and studying from morning until evening. Students are always busy writing diaries (though my students always complain), and memorizing a lot of vocabulary words (especially English vocabulary words). However, like other people, like you and me, they are still human (hoho!). They also love socializing and they, of course, use social networking sites.

Facebook, Cyworld, Kakaostory, Me2day, Twitter

Facebook, as we all know, is the most famous social networking site globally. Koreans do have it but not most of Koreans that I know.

Cyworld which is the Korean version for 'Facebook' and Koreans, though not all, usually have it. (Well, I don't have it so I can't explain about this further. Can you forgive me? ^^)

Kakaostory. (This one! I have this one! Hahaha!) Actually, this one is for smartphones, tablets and other devices that can use internet aside from computers, laptops, and pc notebooks. (I'm not good at technology, anyway.) Most of my students don't have Facebook but almost all of them have Kakaostory. One can post statuses, pictures and receives comments or tags. While Facebook has Facebook Chat, Kakaostory has Kakaotalk which used as a messenger and is also used to call.

Me2day. I've included this one since I have it. However, I usually don't use it. (I can't even remember my log in id and password. hoho!) I couldn't understand even a bit Korean when I joined this site... and what the... all I could see on the homepage is Korean!!! Well, I can describe this site like facebook, too. They system is different of course. There's no instant chatbox but there's like message page, I can say. The good thing about this site is that (like Twitter) you can identify who is the real celebrity and who is not. A celebrity has something like 'verified' or ' / ' (check mark) below his/her profile name. Most Korean celebrities do have it but they just post really sometimes. :)

Last one is Twitter. Who does not know about it?? I made a twitter just to follow and mention my favorite Korean star! :) Most of Korean stars have it and they post, yeah, quite much! ^^
Anyway, I only have one student who has it and most of my students tell me "It's hard to use," when I try to ask them Hoho! Most of my Korean friends don't have it, too.

Aside from these sites, Koreans join other social networks to meet new people and explore new things. Though some of them can speak and chat in English, I think it's also better for us to know some of the words they use to express themselves online.


Shortened Korean Words/Expressions

Koreans value formality but when they get closer, words are usually shortened to sound cute especially when chatting. Let's try looking at some:


  • from and it simply means “yes”. For Filipinos, it is same as “Oo” (Tagalog word for ‘yes’) so you can remember this quite easily.


  • is “no”. ㄴis actually the Korean letter for ‘n’ so you just need to remember that.


  • just know the Korean alphabet and you’ll understand this. Anyway, it means ‘okay’ or simply ‘ok’.

  • sounds like giggling in Korean. You can put as much as you want after you made a joke or told someone a funny statement (and I am so used to it that I even make this sound after telling a joke or make a funny statement in person!!! kkk).

  • from 하하 (haha) and it means like 'haha!' :) Like ㅋ, you can put as much as you want. The more ㅎ's, the more the person is laughing. ㅎㅎㅎ


  • from 푸하하 puahaha and sounds like an evil laugh.


  • my student said it's a crying sound but I don't usually use it

  • sounds like sobbing when someone cries (and this is what I often use)


  • from 고고 which translated as “go-go”. It’s actually from an English expression go-go sing which means ‘let’s go’ or ‘let’s do it’. They also doㄱㄱ씽 gogo shing sometimes.

  • from the word 감사합니다 or감사 which means ‘thank you.’


  • ㄷㄷ is short for "덜덜", which means shiver. It is used by someone who is scared or shocked. You can also use this when you are amazed at something. My student said it can also be written as this ㄷㄷ;; or 후덜덜;


  • short for 축하해요 which is translated as ‘Congratulations!’

ㅜㅜ /ㅠㅠ

  • like T.T or T_T and means 'tears' or someone is crying/deeply sad (This is actually considered an emoticon but I categorized it in here)

방가방가 (bang-ga bang-ga)

  • cute way of saying 반가워요 which means “Nice to meet you.” However, this 방가방가 is likely used between close friends who haven’t met for some time. It can not and should not be used when talking to elders or someone you have just met.


  • from 하이 (Ha-i) translated as Hi!


  • means hello!


  • pronounced as (Hallung) and it means both hi and hello!


  • pronounced as ‘pwing-pwing’ and no direct translation. It can be used when you are asking a favor to someone and begging him/her to grant your request. It’s like acting like a child. 쀵쀵! ^^

    (When done in person, it has some actions to look and sound cute.)

    Just look at the pictures below! ^_^

Pwing-Pwing from K-Pop Stars
Pwing-Pwing from K-Pop Stars | Source


Just remember that you can use most of them when you are using 'banmal' or talking to someone is younger than you or your very close friends. (I guess, I need to create a hub about the formal speech level Koreans have.. hoho!)

There's a lot more but those that I discussed here are the ones I usually use. I just don't want to share something that I am not really sure of! Hoho! But anyway, don't worry! I'll keep this updated. If I learn new ones, I'll tell you! ^^

The last one for now is...

  • short for "바이" and it means "bye" or ‘g2g’. means 2 in Sino-Korean numbers.

And that is what I'll tell you! kekekeke! ㅂ2!!! ^^

P.S... ^^
If you want you to add some more, feel free to do so!
The comment box is open... ㄳ (Thank you!) ~~~~


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    • profile image

      yoon 2 years ago

      Hi! :) I found this post while I was looking for korean chat abbreviations that I could teach to my korean students... I know this is an old post, but ㅎㄹ is an abbreviation of 헐, not hello :) just for clarification!!

    • profile image

      philip kathleen 3 years ago

      I really want to learn more langages of korea so as to be good in acting which is my dream.please accept me to be an actress in korea am in phone number is 09038627168.thank you.I promise to do my best.

    • Cyjh profile image

      Cyjh 3 years ago from Manila

      웅웅 is the cute version of 응 which means "yes" and it's used in chatting only.

      Thanks for the comment Julie~^^

    • profile image

      julie 3 years ago

      What's with 웅웅?? :))

    • Cyjh profile image

      Cyjh 4 years ago from Manila

      Hello there!

      Well, 헐 is mostly used to express a mild shock or surprise and most of time, you can utter this expression when you are kinda disappointed or you want to say like "I can't believe it!"

      In Rooftop Prince Episode 2(South Korean Drama, 2012), A cashier from a convenience store utters '헐 ' most likely 2 to 3 times when the leading actor wants to get Korean noodles for free because he doesn't have money. It gave me the correct usage of that '헐' expression. ^^

    • profile image

      혜송 4 years ago

      How about stuff like 헐?