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Updated on June 20, 2011

Things that distinguish human

Many humans (and other creatures as well; animals, plants; the visible ones and the invisible ones) occupy this world. No one of us similar to the other; whether in personality or in destiny. We are unique....!
Many humans (and other creatures as well; animals, plants; the visible ones and the invisible ones) occupy this world. No one of us similar to the other; whether in personality or in destiny. We are unique....! | Source
How can weak creatures like human forecast the destiny of others, meanwhile they can not do anything for themselves ?
How can weak creatures like human forecast the destiny of others, meanwhile they can not do anything for themselves ? | Source
There are many thing that you can learn from a man; we can not judge his personality only from one point of view.
There are many thing that you can learn from a man; we can not judge his personality only from one point of view. | Source
Two men; two personalities; two destinies; two ........!
Two men; two personalities; two destinies; two ........! | Source
No matter how same the identity of lots of human, the difference in gender will keep distinguishing us one and another.
No matter how same the identity of lots of human, the difference in gender will keep distinguishing us one and another. | Source


What does your zodiac say today? That's one way of an astrologer begins an up to date prophecy every time his prediction to be published on a news media. Do you believe in prophecy, no matter it's horoscopes, career forecasts, and so forth? or You might slightly be on the same side with me, do not believe at all with any predictions. But do you have a reason, why you do not believe in such predictions? I do. I have very compelling reasons that make me (and you may as well later on) not believe in any prophecy in my life.
Why do I not want to believe in all kinds of divination? Since the determinants or the typical signs which distinguish a person to another one or who become distinctive personality of each human being (or it could be any other creature) are a lot. Here I will try to define some of them:

A. Hair Turning
I am not sure the English term for this part of body. It is located somewhere on every human vertex (crown of the head); a spot of which your hair makes such turning. Every man has it on their head. Normally every human being has one. However, there are also some people who have more than one, usually two. Sometimes there are also people who have three and even four, but the other two usually take part somewhere else on their head (not on the vertex). Those who have one sign will have a different personality from those who have two, three, or four hair turning. For those who only have one, its position is going to reflect a distinct personality of a person to another; this position could be slightly to-right on the vertex, middle, or slightly to the left, and so forth.
For example:

  • Those who have this such spot on the right tend to have more concern for their parents and siblings than for those whose one is at other positions.
  • Those who have this one right in the middle of his head incline good at putting themselves to the affairs of communication with his environment, be it in terms of the relationship with their own family / relatives as well as with their colleagues.
  • Those who have it on the left side of his crown of the head will tend to be more interested in relationship with others (including in this case the relationship with their girlfriend or wife and children) rather than with their parents and their own siblings (relatives)..
  • The animal lovers usually have more than one (two, three, or four). Because they are a group of people who really love or care about the fate of animals, or have a cold hand in managing animals (eg. in a farm field or cattle)..

B. Forms of Body Posture
The form of each posture of different people will also make them differ also in terms of personality. A man who has a high posture, large and stout will have characters and behavior that are different from the one who is short, small and mediocre.

C. Hair Color and Shape
Hair color and shape is also a determinant of one's personality;

  • those who have straight hair, are distinct in character with the curly-haired;
  • those who have curly hair are different with the frizzy-haired ones character;
  • as well as hair color, the black-haired, red, blond, has a distinctive personality to each other.

D. Face Format
Referred to face format here is:

  • The shape of a person's face, every human being has the shape of the face piece group which also indicate their nature and character of their differences each other; anyone have oval faces, plots, square, and so forth.
  • Format of parts of the face - nose shape, eye, the distance between the eyes, mouth, lips, eyebrows, eyelashes, forehead, jaw, chin, each part is different for every person (even though each of these differences can be grouped inseveral types).Those with long noses have characteristics that differ from those pug-nosed, ball bearing the black eyes are different in some respects than the blue-eyed; those who have thick eyebrows have a distinctive character different from those who are thin eyebrows; those ones who tend to have small mouth will be different in character from whose mouths tend to be large. Likewise with the other parts of the face.

E. Forms of Hands, Fingers Hand, Foot, and Foot Finger
The shape of hands and the fingers, feet and the toes also distinguish the personality of human;

  • Those who have massive hands and fingers with coarse textured, have different characteristics from whose fingers are middle-sized or small.
  • Those who have small feet, distinct in character with those who have big feet. Likewise toes; there are anyone who have fat fingers (though the people referred to lean body), some others have skinny toes (although have fat body). There are some people who have long fingers or toes, some others are short. And also the length portion size of each finger, will also distinguish a person's personality with another.

F. Palm
This section includes the famous enough as a representation of one's self, so comes the science of predicting the palm of the hand (Palmistry). From the palm of the hand, a person can read general things he had done in the past and that tends to befall him in the future. From the palm of the hand, can also be known good qualities and bad person. And much of this palm, also known the illnesses or physical and mental problems that whack someone.But, nevertheless, the dependence on only one system of personality determiner without the support of having knowledge in other fields, will only lead to a lot of dissatisfaction or distrust in the people who do the prophecy.

At this time, there have been many books written on Palmistry; on how to analyze one’s palm whether in eastern style or in western one.

G. Births According to Hijri Calendar
What is meant by a system of Hijri calendar is the calendar used by Muslims in their daily activities. What distinguishes the lunar Hijri (Islam) with AD were dating, Hijri calendar months starting from the circulatory system, while AD calendar based on the circulation system of the sun, the months which are mentioned in Hijri Calendar really exist , while the months which are mentioned in the AD calendar, do not exist , just created deliberately forged to meet the time-paths of the sun which is actually only 364 1/4 days in a year. At the beginning of each Hijriah month, you will see the new moon, over the day of the month will be even greater; peak will occur on the 13-14, and 15 day of every month, this times are the times of full moon, and then will move to shrink until the end of the month.
There are 12 months in Hijri calendar:
1.Muharram - 2.Syafar - 3.Rabiul awwal - 4.Rabiulakhir - 5.Jumadil awwal - 6.Jumadil akhir - 7.Rajab - 8.Sya'ban - 9.Ramadhan - 10.Syawal - 11.Zulqa'idah - 12.Zulhijjah.
Those who were born in each month has a far different nature from each other. Few general equation will be seen for those born on the same date even though it is in a different month. For example, those born on the 14th of Muharram will have some similarities with the nature of those born on the 14th of Ramadan. However, they still differ from each other. There will be many differences between one and another who were born in different month.
Nabiyullah Muhammad Salallaahu 'alayhi wasallam was born on 12 Rabiul awwal.

H. Births By Dates AD (Zodiac)
This one is already very well known by the public in general. Zodiac counting begins from the date of 24-23 in every month. For example, those who zodiac Libra is those born between the dates September 24 to October 23. Admittedly, those who are on a different zodiac also have distinctly different personalities. As the analyzing of personality based on the Hijri calendar, as well for this zodiac system, behind the differences between their different zodiac, there are considerable similarities significantly between those born on the same date, although a different month. I will not discuss these things about zodiac and detailed further, because reference can be found about everywhere.

I. Based on China's Birth Dates (Shio)
The system of reading someone's personality based on shio is also already well known by the world. Shio system is based on the Chinese calendar which usually begins around late January to late February.
There are 12 shio in the Chinese calendar: 1.Monkey - 2.Chicken - 3.Dog - 4.Pig - 5.Mouse - 6.Buffalo - 7.Tiger - 8.Rabbit - 9.Dragon - 10.Snake - 11.Horse
- 12.Goat.
Each shio at each turn of the year will be exchanged in two types of principles, yinand yang. For example, 2011 is the year of rabbit with the yin principle, then the next year (2012), we would welcome the year of dragon with yang principle. In the year of 2013, we will face the year of Snake with yin principle. So onwards to the fore.
Besides the differences in the elements as mentioned above, the circulation of the shio will be covered by 5 pieces of elements that changed once in 2 years. The elements are: 1.Fire - 2.Soil - 3.Metal - 4.Water - 5.Wood. For example, 2008 (mouse) and 2009 (buffalo) are the years with the soil element; 2010 (tiger) and 2011 (rabbit) are the year with metal element, and 2012 (the dragon) and 2013 (the snake) are the year with the element of water. And so on.
With the ever so, this year – 2011 is the year of yin metal rabbit, 2012 is the year of the yang water dragon, and in 2013 we will face the year of yin water snake.
In application, this sign system coupled with a lot of zodiac system, then emerged was the future:
Libra people in soil dogs shio (the Libras who were born in 1958);
• Libra people in metal dog shio (the Libras who were born in 1970);
• Libra people in water dog shio (the Libras who were born in 1982);
• Libra people in wood dog shio (the Libras who were born in 1994);
• Libra people in fire dog shio (the Libras who were born in 2006)

I purposely take the example of all people whose zodiac / shio in Libra dog to be seen, just to show you that the rotation of Chinese zodiac occurred over the past 12 years. And after running for 12 years, the zodiac will start again from the beginning, but with the elements (and possibly also principle) are different; the different elements (and principles) are the ones which will distinguish the personalities and fortunes of the five Libra men above based on the Chinese calendar.And the zodiac cycle will begin again from the scratch (with the same element and principle) after 60 years later. That is, a metal dog zodiac year will reappear in 2030. Perhaps, that is what the wise men who say that an old man when they are entering the age of 60 years, his nature will return to be like his childhood. Since his re-circulation zodiac will be started from zero again.

J. Birth By the Day and the Time
Islam is the religion which is to glorify the days. Each and every day has their own goodness. For example, Muslims are encouraged to do fasting on Mondays and Thursdays; Muslims are encouraged to do the wedding on Thursday afternoon, Thursday evening or Friday morning, and so forth; each day is useful to do different activities.
So also with those who were born on different days, also will have different personality. Little equality will be seen in those who were born in the same days, hours, minutes and seconds. But that is only in a slightly corner, while the differences will still be many among them due to the differences from other viewpoints.
That is, there are some reason for some children who were born on the same day but different moment; the first ones may be born in the morning, the seconds in the late afternoon, the thirds were born at night, all the threes will feature different personality.

K. Blood Type
Different blood type will also feature different human nature as well. Those who have blood type A, B, AB, and O have significant differences in character from each other.

The Psychology on blood type at this time mostly applied inJapan. This kind of personality determiner has been researched widely there and the findings of the researches have been published in forms of several books. Here are some descriptions of the personality:

Blood type A

It is said that usually the people with this blood type is level-headed, serious, patient and calm or cool; They have strong character, can be relied on and be trusted, but stubborn; Before doing something they think about it first; And in planning, they always do it very carefully; They do everything seriously and consistently. They try to make themselves as natural and ideal as possible. They can seem aloof and away from people. They often try to suppress their feelings and often do so that sometimes they look tough, despite the fact that they possess soft sides like nervous and so forth. They tend to be hard on people who disagree with them thatthey tend to be surrounded by those who are the same personality with them; They are said to like harmony, peace and organization; can cooperate well with others, sensitive, patient and attentive. But the drawback is they can not do anything relaxedly and tend to be stubborn.

Blood Type B
The people with this blood type tend to be curious and interested in everything. They also tend to have too much passion and hobby. One time, they may fond of something so much, but then they will get bored so quickly. But usually they can determine one is more important to do among many ones. They tend to wish to be number one in many things rather than just be the common ones. And it is said that they usually tend to neglect things if he focus with another flurry. In other words, they can not do something in unison. Those people, from the outside look bright, cheerful, excited and enthusiastic. But actually, it's all completely different from the ones that exist within themselves. They are sometimes regarded as the people who are not willing to hang out with many people. They are seen to be tough and individualistic nature, like to tell everything as they are and do things their own way. But they are also creative and flexible, and can adapt easily to any situation. But the weakness that they have is likely to be too independent, which could be detrimental.

Blood type O
The people with this blood type, are usually instrumental in creating excitement for a group. And instrumental in creating a harmony among the members of the group. Their appearance look as the ones who accept and do something quietly. They are good at covering something up so that they always seem happy, peaceful and have no problems at all.But if you can not stand, they will surely find a place or person to vent (the place to complain).They are usually generous (kindhearted), happy to do good. They are generous and do not hesitate to spend money on others. But they really stubborn too, and secretly have their own opinions about things. On the other hand, they are very flexible and very easy to accept new things. They tend to be easily influenced by others and by what they see from TV. They look cool and reliable but they often slip and make big mistakes because of lack of caution.

They are the type of leaders. When seeing something you want, the people with this blood type will try to achieve it. They may also include a trend-setter, loyal, have the most perseverance and high self-confidence. But their weakness is easy to be jealous, somewhat arrogant and tend to very competitive.

Blood type AB
The ones with this blood type have sensitive feeling, soft. They are attentive to the feelings of others and always confront others with care and prudence. Besides, they are hard with themselves as well with the ones closed to them. They seem so inclined to have two personalities. They often become sentiment and thought of something too deeply. They have many friends, but they need time alone to think about their problems.
They are cool and controlled, no wonder they make friends as a place to share stories, especially the affairs of vent. They were born to entertain others naturally, their typical. But unfortunately, they tend to be fickle and difficult to make decisions, sometimes bluntly that hurt others.

You can reflect on yourselves, whether the things written above are true or not, but once more – blood type is not the only way to determine ones’ personality. For more references on the personality on this part, you may look up on your browsers or find them on the bookstores.

L. The Environment and the Place Born
The place and Environment meant here more led to Feng-Shui and Hong-Shui. Those born in a good place, peaceful, and has good feng-shui and Hong Shui will grow into a human, personality and character which are different from those who were born in the places filled with problems, both physically and spiritual. There will be many differences between those born in Kumango and in New York, United States. Although they were born at exactly the same time.

M. The Environment and the Place Brought up
Similarly to where one was born, the place or the environment where one was grown up will also carve their personality, so that it would make it different from other places where they grew up, no matter in the reality they have many similarities from the other side, as we discussed at this time; the water and the food that he drank the place where he grew up, the foods athat he eat nd land which he stepped, giving its own color on each person where they live. So the character and nature of someone who used to live and grow in London, the UK will differ from those who used to live and grew up in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

N. The Education Obtained While Still Being in the Womb of the Mother
Islam has taught since 1432 years ago, a child's education process has started since he was in his mother's womb. He sees through her vision, he heard through her mother's ear, and he felt through her mother's feelings. If the mother is only doing, seeing, or hearing things that's fine as long as she is pregnant, meaning she taught her son to also be good; otherwise, if the mother or the parents of the infant do many bad deeds, it will be recorded in the memory of their child who is still in the mother womb. If, the mother often feel sad or stressed when she is pregnant, never blame if her children would become a person who tends to be very touchy dealing with others. This is the reason, why in Islam, it is forbidden for a woman who is pregnant to get married, because it means that the man who marries a pregnant woman is in essence not only married the woman, but also married to the baby in her womb; he directly marry two people – the mother and the child, what the most barbaric.

O. The Education Obtained After a Person is Born
The education provided to form one's personality after he is born, basically is the continuation of the process that he had obtained when he was still inside his mother's womb. If at the time he was still in his mother's belly, he had to get the things that make it an abstract nature, it was only after he was born he get it all in concrete. In this case, of course, the ones who are well educated will have different personality to the ones who are not, and if we make such forecasts on them, they will also be different, no matter they have some similarities in other sides.

P. The Position Number of Children in Family
If you have three children, there is a very significant difference in nature among the first child, the second, and the third one. I used to call them with the eldest child, the youngest one, and the middle one.

  • eldest child tends to want to rule over his brothers / sisters, although on the other hand he was also forced to get used to give in to her siblings in many ways. Oldest child is the extension of his parents. In public life, this figure has more success in occupying the key positions in organizations that he participates, compared to other children’s position.
  • The youngest one usually have properties that conflict with the eldest, he usually does not like to be ruled: he usually wants to live off of the shadow of others, including from his own parents. Youngest child usually has the highest sexual attraction among his other siblings, so it is a common thing if it is the youngest child that get his soul mate (boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance’, or even maybe get married) than the other ones. Not only attraction, usually the youngest child also has sexual libido greater than his other siblings.
  • The middle one is the personality that can go up and down. He is the most tolerant ones among the three. He is the most budge when a dispute arose between his brother and sister. So also in the association: he can interact with anyone in the community. So if we calculate the number of friends of each child, typically, the middle child has friends at most. He usually is able to accept personal strengths and weaknesses of other people better.

If you have a child more than three people - eg 4, then the children of the 2nd and 3rd have been the middle child. But the children of the 2nd is more likely to lead to the nature of the eldest child, while child-3 are more likely to lead to the youngest child. While the family is the number of children on odd number - say 5 people, then obviously the old (first child), the youngest (fifth child) and the middle child (third child), while the children of the 2nd has a more neutral nature and leads more to the character of the eldest child and the 4th child has nature and character closer to the youngest child.

Q. Birth Marks
Birth Marks also indicate specific qualities in people who have it. For example, someone who has a mole next to the upper lips, usually is a person who likes to talk, and tend to nag or is person who likes to quarrel with others; The women who have a tapering eyelashes, usually are those who like to primp and very materialistic among all; And so forth.

R. Tendency in Using of Hands; Left Handed or Right Handed
Those who are left and right-handed, also have different personality for they also have much different perspective of looking at problems in their lives. Left-handed people tend to put forward their logic in each of their thinking, but the right ones are more skillful in looking at every problem that they face from the other side - for example, from the feelings or metaphysics, and so on.

S. The Property Cleanliness Eaten Every Day
The children which have grown up with dirty money / income (stolen, fraudulent , cheating, corruption, and so on), will have different personality to the ones who grew up with the clean one, kosher. Those who live with clean income of individuals will be better, while those who grow up in dirty property, also will get dirty personality as well as their parents. The exception may occur, but usually those children chose to live away from their parents.

T. Gender
Gender will also be a distinguishing character between the two human children, they have in common apart from a few sides on the other aspects. If there are two infants were born in the same time, and they have many similarities on several aspects that we are discussing at this time, but they are different in gender – one male and one female, they will have different personality and destiny to their future, of course.

U. Religion
Religion serves to direct a person to live in order and controlled, so he will not live at will – anything what his heart wish and probably will hurt a lot of parties. Each religion has its own dogma to reassure their followers in live. But essentially, all religions must believe that their lives are controlled by the Almighty, the different one is each religion has different views of the Almighty. The presence of a person in a religion would also influence his personality and will distinguish it from other people who are maybe like him from the other religions. In shorts, religion will form a specific personality to its followers.

V. The Parents Presence
The presence of parents also will provide its own contribution in shaping one's personality; the one with parents (father and mother), the one who grow up only with her mother, and the child who lives only with his father, will have different personality; although they have much in common on the other sides.

W. The Quality of Parents-owned (Gen)
Proverb which says that fruits do not fall far from the trunk, is the implication of this section. A child, in any circumstances, can not be separated from his parents, both from his father, from which the seed originated - as well as from his mother, the place where his father seeds grow. Behind all the factors that shape human personality as we're talking about now, the genetic factor from one's parents will be very big influence to steer his life in the future.

X. Physical and Mental Quality when Birth
The humans which were born with normal physical and mental condition, and those ones who were born with abnormal physical and mental, of course will have different personalities - as well as the differences in the dimensions of space and ability between them, their way of thinking on a matter of course also will be different from each other.

Y. The Health Quality in Time in the Womb
Like the existing of human over the world, the babies which are still inside their mothers' womb must be kept healthy - both physically and mentally, and thus they also will be formed to have a personality or a better fate after they are born.

Z. The Health Quality after Birth
If a child is already getting good health care when he was in the womb of his mother, when he was born, the parents need to do is to continue the existing business so that his future could grow into good human beings both physically and inner quality. We can not equalize the personality possessed by a healthy person and the ill ones, even though the are same in many aspects for they will have different destiny.

AA. The Strength of Instinct or Intuition
What is meant by the strength of instinct or intuition here is that the natural talent possessed by a human in detecting his surrounding circumstances. Feel what can not be perceived by others; see what can not be seen by others; hear what can not be heard by others, or, more briefly - the natural ability to enter other dimension of live where he could see far forward; things that will happen. Every human being basically have this thing, but the power that they have for this one thing are different from each other.

AB. Name
In Islam, name is such a prayer. If you are named by your parents with wolves, meaning that every time you are called by others, every time that they pray for you to be a person who's personality or may also be a figure like a wolf. If you name your child Muhammad (Muhammad means one whose kindness is praised by the entire universe), then every time people called him, every time they pray to the God to be the great one, no matter how many of his enemies detest him.
Besides the above, many people in this world who already know how great the influence of names on the fate and fortunes of a person. I have been observing a many people who have the same name, it is correct there are many similarities they have - like the look on his face, nature, and a few other things. For example the ones whose name Linda, have many similarities one and another. If you do not believe these demands, please observe some of your colleagues who have the same name, you will catch a lot of similarities between them, although their age are different one and another..

AC. Juz of the Koran
Juz is 1/30 part of the Al-Qur'anulkariem. Muslim holy book is divided into some types of groups, one of which is this juz. At this time, there has developed among Muslims (especially in Indonesia), a kind of psychology called A-Qur’an Psychology. The science says that basically all human beings in this world character, nature, and personality is divided into 30 groups (type); no matter they are good people or bad, male female, as many as the amount of Juz in the Al-Quran. It is said that if one diligently read or hear the entire contents of the Holy Book, will make him able to understand other humans character - and if one day he was destined to know his own Juz, then he will get the convenience; of all the problems he faces and the inner birth, and at once he would be able to identify his strengths and weaknesses as human beings better.
The problem now is the ability to capture the thing mention, is only on those who with high spiritual sensitivity; those who have a weak inner sensitivity, must have recourse to those who are already accustomed.
In my own observation, there is such an applications of yin-yang philosophy in A-Quran. That is, in Al-Qur'an - there are 30 Juzes; 15 juzes of the verses affect the yin principles and the other 15 affect the yang ones on those who read or just hear it. And from the side of the living elements of Al-Qur'an also contains 5 elements of life: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. This means that there are six volumes each in the Quran that can generate the five elements of the person who read or hear. So it is not wrong to say if Al-Qur'anulkariem is one that represent all of the universe.
We set back to the problems, there are not all Muslims who have the ability to detect these Juzes, so few. Which rose slightly more likely to conceal what they knew and mastered this. It took many years for Muslims in general to obtain this blessing by way of finishing reading the holy book again and again - several times - tens, hundreds, or perhaps even thousands of times. This is not the impossible thing for a good Muslim to do; I myself can read 1 juz within 45 minutes, meaning to finish reading the 30 volumes, I need time around 30 x 45 minutes.

AD. Skin Color
Skin color also gives the color to one’s personality, including the fate of a person. You may able to observe how blacks, whites, or the Chinese men in looking at or through their live. That is, black people can not impose their way of live or other forms of live to the white ones, although they live in one area with them, and the vice versa.

I do not sort the determinant of personality above based on the priority scale, or scale influencers from the greatest to the smallest or vice versa from small to large; because of all the above determinants are related to one another and can not be separated.

Based on the above explanation, we can certainly infer;

  1. Although there are some people who were born on this earth in time (seconds, minutes, hours, day, date, month and same year) they will not have the same personality, because it just indicates the similarity of the GHIJ, while for the other determinants, of course they are different, and of course the fate in which they will be also differ from each other.
  2. Actually, some methodology at seeing one’s personality as mentioned above are quite scientific, because the statement given by the experts in each part are based on a long time observation on other people who had the same sign or mark, and underwent or experienced things that been predicted to the ones who also showed the same thing. But, still, they can not tell the exact one, for every human show different signs.
  3. If those one who are born at the same time is impossible to have similar personality and destiny in common, it would be far impossible for the person who were born at different times: for example they were both born on the 9th October, but different years. Will obviously found a lot of difference on them. What is clear only, hijriyah date to the date October 9, 1970 will be different to the date of October 9, 1971, let alone with other years.
  4. If you want to get a picture of yourself or your predictions are more accurate, you should see it from every angle as exposed above. If you're just master the science of fortune-telling based on the zodiac, for example, then you have to develop yourself to learn the science of reading human personality from other aspects. The forecasting which lies only from one system will only display of bias that will only further lead to the antipathy toward the soothsayers who was in fact 99% lie within each of what he predicted, while the 1% chance is a truth which can be predicted.
  5. The principle determinant of personality is not only true for humans, but also for other living creatures that pass through the natural phase of life; bear and die; living in community, and so on; included here is genies, plants and animals. For the class of Genies, it is difficult to prove scientifically for they are invisible, but for animals, I invite you to do research to get the proof of what I have mentioned. In its application, of course there are also animals who were born under the Aries, Scorpio, Libra zodiac, and so forth.

I am aware, the exposure that I have written above about the determinants of human personality is far from complete. And from time-to-time I will try to improve it; or you can read the literature, other literature related to this hub. And if you can do this thoroughly, I believe, you will be able to read someone's personality more accurately, and not just guessing.

Hopefully we can all see the facts that are exposed from this paper as what it is objectively.

Payakumbuh, 20 May 2011-16 Jumadilakhir 1432


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    • Abhaque Supanjang profile imageAUTHOR

      Abhaque Supanjang 

      6 years ago from Kumango - Batusangkar - Sumatera Barat - Indonesia

      Thank you Charisma...! I will try to enrich the information on this hub from time to time. Cause, I realize, the ones written are still in general information about human personality and all things behind it. For those ones who want to internalize each aspect may search on the other website...!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This is a very enlightening post. I have always been interested in psychology and people's natures. I am mighty glad to have come across this site! Thank you, it is indeed very informative, and more importantly, keeps well and lucidly explained, keeping the interest alive throughout. :)


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