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Kyiv National Economic University, Ukraine

Updated on August 15, 2016
KNEU capmus
KNEU capmus | Source

Kyiv National Economic University, invites international students to join their Bachelor and Master programs in Ukraine. The university organized a lot of international educational programs with partner universities in other countries. Joining such a program is an excellent opportunity for the students to receive new knowledge, experience of studying or a semester or a year abroad, getting additional diploma.

This university offers a long-term (1 year) and short-term (1 semester or summer school) programs. The students of all specialties starting from the 3rd year, as well as students-masters have a possibility to go to study to the other country. So, for a year course the students can go to the next universities: Northwood University (the United States), Norsambriya and Napier Universities (United Kingdom), Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria) and the University "Sophia Antipolis" (France). The last two of the university are willing to accept only masters. After studying the students receive two diplomas - Ukrainian and the foreign one of the appropriate university. And for a semester students can join the next partner universities: Konstanz, Marburg and Bremen Universities (Germany). The programs are very interesting but most of them are paid by students. For example, one year in the United States university costs $ 24 000, in the Netherlands - 5500 (for bachelors) and 7000-8000 (for Masters) euro. Free study is possible in France and Austria, but students must pay for their own accommodation. Tuition scholarships for the semester course are given only by the German universities (from each - 3-5 scholarships).

Another type of short-term programs offered by KNEU is summer school. Students can participate starting from 2-3-year. They are held at the Vienna Economic University and cost 800 euro, at the "Sophia Antipolis" University and cost 1400 euro, at the Gazi University and are free (Turkey, KNEU students are taught Turkish language). There is one more summer school Danubia which costs 200 euro. The number of participants differs, but in order to reserve a place in the summer school, it is necessary to submit the necessary documents until the April-May and to go through a competitive selection.

TTGE invites all international students to apply to the Kyiv National Economic University. Contact us, start the procedure and study in Ukraine:


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