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LAWYER IN A BOX or prepaid legal services.

Updated on May 20, 2014

As a medical proffessional I MAY need a lawyer sometimes.

For close to 20 dollars a month I found I can call a lawyer at anytime if I have a need. Thankfully, I have been able to practice as a nurse for 3 years with no legal issues.

I did have an issue with family law, a while back.

Before I had the legal service, I had an issue with some grandkids that live with my wife and I. We ended up with an initial fee of 300 dollars, along with 45 dollars for consultation, and 45 dollars for the lawyer to send a letter to a clerk who made a poor entry into a database in the bowels of government bureaucracy. The matter resolved immediately when the lawyer asked for a review of the matter. The custody issue was fixed within hours, when a lawyer asked some questions.

Hopefully you will never need a subscription lawyer service.

For the hundreds of thousands that move through the legal system and the courts each year, the expense is often crippling to family budgets, due to the expense of working through the rules in the court system

Take a look at offerings from work, organisations you belong to, for prepaid lawyer services.

Often your bank or insurance company can direct you to subscription legal services. I did a search online and found a basic package to help me as a nurse in a nursing home. The legal guys help with a will, and review of legal documents, sending letters to answer issues related to work and can help when government offices drag thier feet, taking care of citizen concerns.

One of the best benefits of legal services is calling a lawyer with concerns.

The lawyer on the other end of the line can save you grief, by explaining when she can help, and when a lawyer won't make any difference. The most valuable part of the service is talking to someone about your concerns. This is included with the service. If the matter does need a lawyer to advocate for you, some trial hours and research hours are prepaid. If you exhaust your prepaid service hours, additional services can be had a a much lower rate, than the customary fees a lawyer may charge..

If you own a home, have some kids and drive a car, chances are you WILL need a lawyer at times.

You can do something very simple and end up in the court system confused, and wondering what happened. All too often you hear the stories of how someone was chewed up by the legal system and lived to regret it. If you have an accident, your legal service will brief you in advance how to handle this common occrance. If your kid is involved in property damage, you can make wrong decisions that can haunt you and the family for years. The legal service I use does a good job of teaching how to use it's services for the best return on your monthly payment to them.

Justice usually i 'just', many times it is not.
Justice usually i 'just', many times it is not.

Prepaying for legal services is NOT for everyone.

If you are good at finding and understanding most legal forms, you may not have a huge benefit from prepaying a legal service. If you have a certain amount of assets, and can afford the occaisional lawyer visit, you may not need a legal service. If you are experianced in your field, and have some legal training, you may not be benefited very much by using a prepaid legal service. If you have a business, or drive alot, you probably should look into what you can get for around 20 dollars a month. I am a nurse and I can call if an issue comes up, and, for me a little legel counsel can be very comforting when I don't understand a legal matter.


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