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LBC 97.3 - London's Best Talk Radio Station: Leading Britain's Conversation - Information

Updated on February 16, 2018
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Don't just learn about London life, be a part of it by tuning in and listening to the fantastic callers, and fantastic presenters.

What's LBC Radio all about?

LBC 97.3FM is Britain's first and only commercial news talk radio station which began broadcasting on October 8, 1973. It has since become London's best talk radio station providing a fun platform which accompanies Londoners through their daily life via great and interesting conversations discussing all the latest topics and debates that interest us all. Some conversations you'll only hear on LBC.!

LBC has another station called LBC London News on 1152 FM. ( ).

LBC is an entertaining, engrossing, intelligent and engaging two-way conversation between the presenters and the listeners covering the thoughts and topics that Londoners are really passionate about.

LBC is very Informative with Up-To Date Traffic and Weather Reports to help Londoner's get around more easily and to keep Londoner's prepared for the great British ever-changing weather.

A few of the regular callers to the show have become just as famous as some of the presenters such as Barry from Watford, Lynny and Egor. You never know whose going to call in next. I love listening to the banter between a caller and presenter. At times, conversions can be extremely funny and you will hear very passionate debates about every subject you could, and couldn't think of.

Celebrity Guests to LBC include former and current politicians and mayors who will answer any questions the listeners have Famous singers and actors have also been known to drop by.

List of presenters. Images below. Note; (Some presenter's that are featured in the picture gallery below may no longer work for LBC). They include Andrew Pierce, Beverley Turner, Boris Johnson, Clive Bull, Cristo Foufas, David Mellor, Duncan Barkes, Iain Dale, Ian Collins, Ian Payne, Katie Hopkins, Ken Livingstone, Lisa Aziz, Nigel Farage, Nick Abbot, Nick Ferrari, James O'Brien, Olly Mann, Petrie Hosken, Shelagh Fogarty, Shelagh Fogarty, Steve Allen and Stig Abell. who each bring their own unique and entertaining edge to London's best talk radio.

There is so much choice and diversity of the presenters that there will always be at least a selection of presenters that will hook you in and keep you entertained for not just throughout the days, but for many many years to come.

Examples of Topical Conversations

Topic's are created by the presenters as well as the listeners. Some listeners can listen to LBC for decades without ever calling in, and others will call in on a regular basis. The list of topics are endless.

  • How can you explain terrorism to our children?
  • what's your favourite sandwich?
  • What does God mean to you?
  • What's your secret tips for a long and healthy life?
  • Do private schools guarantee a better education?
  • Should fewer women be put in prison?
  • How do I become a private detective?
  • Should the NHS be privatized?

Special guests are invited regularly on to LBC to help listeners with any issues or questions they have. The specialists subjects are endless and always very helpful to the callers, and listeners alike.

  • Solicitors to help with legal issues.
  • Doctors to help with any medical issues listeners have.
  • Entrepreneurs to help start your own business and any problems you're having..
  • Help with troubled teenagers who desperately don't know who else to turn to.

LBC presenters - Some may no longer work for LBC

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Clive BullNick AbbotNick FerrariAnthony DavisAlison BellSteve AllenCarol Mc giffinPaul Ross - Brother of Johnathan Ross.Jim DavisAnna RaeburnBill BuckleyJames O BrianJames MaxJeni BarnettJenny EclairJo ParkinsonJon HolmesPetrie HoskenNigel FarageKatie Hopkins
Clive Bull
Clive Bull
Nick Abbot
Nick Abbot
Nick Ferrari
Nick Ferrari
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis
Alison Bell
Alison Bell
Steve Allen
Steve Allen
Carol Mc giffin
Carol Mc giffin
Paul Ross - Brother of Johnathan Ross.
Paul Ross - Brother of Johnathan Ross.
Jim Davis
Jim Davis
Anna Raeburn
Anna Raeburn
Bill Buckley
Bill Buckley
James O Brian
James O Brian
James Max
James Max
Jeni Barnett
Jeni Barnett
Jenny Eclair
Jenny Eclair
Jo Parkinson
Jo Parkinson
Jon Holmes
Jon Holmes
Petrie Hosken
Petrie Hosken
Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage
Katie Hopkins
Katie Hopkins

How can I listen to LBC.? You can listen to LBC via the following ways.

  • Radio. Digital DAB radio and FM, 97.3.
  • TV. Freeview TV & Satellite. Sky Digital channel 124. Freeview 732.
  • Phone's. Android Blackberry and Windows Phones.
  • Android devices includes Desktop. Laptop. Tablet. Notebook. Mobile Phones. iPad & iPhone.
  • On-line at
  • Catch-up on any shows you may have missed with podcasts
  • Download the free app from the Google Play store and listen to LBC anytime you like. - itunes &

Please note: If you want to listen LBC via a 'DAB radio' but you live in a basement flat, or your building is steel-framed or reinforced concrete, or you get poor FM or mobile phone service where you live, then your DAB coverage may be affected. This postcode checker does not recognise such features. Use this post code checker to see if you can receive LBC radio stations in your area.

How can I contact LBC.?

  • Twitter. Send a tweet to LBC. @LBC.
  • Facebook. Like LBC on Facebook at
  • Call the programmes/presenter's direct on 0345 60 60 973.
  • Email LBC directly.
  • Write a letter to - LBC Radio Ltd. 30 Leicester Square. London. WC2H 7LA.
  • You can comment below any questions or complaints you may have.

LBC 97.3 Mayoral Debate - Boris Labels Ken A Liar Over Tax Claim

Who owns LBC?

LBC is owned by the British media & publishing holding company, "Global Group" founded by Ashley Tabor. LBC sister stations include - Capital FM - Capital XTRA - Classic FM - Gold - Heart - LBC London News 1152 - Smooth Radio and Xfm.

Interesting Articles.

Help spread the word about LBC - Share this page.

© 2007 Tony T

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    • profile image


      19 months ago

      A bit sorry, but... LBC's now a low-quality radio station. So many people complains that the show doesn't even allow them to speak against the presenters, and some phone-in shows (especially James O'Brien 10am-1pm) only have a few callers.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      cleopatra mubaiwa

    • profile image

      mandy smith 

      8 years ago

      Who has fired Jeni? She was the most versatile,honest and amusing presenter that LBC had. Why no explanation?

    • profile image

      eleonor novi 

      8 years ago

      it was the worst crime ever, whoever raised their vile hand to sack Jeni Barnet deserves the worst punishment.

      So underhandedly, not a single explanation...and we are told this country is democratic..when the best talents just disappear, without a word, only because they are not Tory supporters...

      She is the world's, nation's treasure, London, UK are just not the same without her, it is like the sun stopped shining.

      Genius is all about truth, they cannot help speaking up the truth..

      Who can respect this country any more when everything talented is cornered and the mediocre put on pedestal..

    • profile image

      bernard fraser 

      8 years ago

      has jenni barnet been sacked

    • profile image 

      8 years ago


    • profile image

      eleonor novi 

      8 years ago

      Why has no explanation been given as for Jeni Barnett's disappearance? - that is why her replacement feels underhanded.

      Why do LBC not ask their listeners who they want to hear?

      It all feels like dictatorship.

      LBC more and more feels like a tip, the talented and cherished by the public are replaced or cornered by nothings like P.Hoski, I.Dale, etc etc

      And even Nick Ferrari, who seemed to do it "his way" is now forced to invite B.Johnson's sister daily so that the listeners are properly updated about her Hyde Park's morning just more and more feels Sinatra's way:

      "I did it my way" = wholly paved by the Mafia.

      LBC is dead.

      We will only remember it because of Jeni Barnett, Nick Abbot, pre-Tory Nick Ferrari...

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      To James O'Brian

      I am surprised you have not touched on the subject I read in yesterdays (24th) regarding the thousands of public money spent on immigrants providing them with a 'MASSAGE' to 'boost their self-esteem.'

      What planet are we/they on. Why is this allowed to happen when us locals are pushed to the sidewalk, as long as the immigrants are housed, paid benefits and allowed to milk the system for all they are worth. I see it daily, they come over here and they work for a short stunt then they make themselves unemployed so they can claim a lifestyle of our state that is only dreamed of in their own country. Our Scottish city is overrun with Polish immigrant and they are showing themselves to be so disrespectful and arrogant it is unbelievable. Enough is enough! After reading that, what else do we no know about where our public money is going to? Maybe you are politically restricted from talking about the immigrants or not.

      I must say, some of your topics are riveting but others are plain old boring and only interesting to those who are connected with them.

      Good work James and all your colleagues



    • profile image

      helen constantine 

      9 years ago

      Hello Jenny

      Many, many years ago, I was offered a course with St John’s Ambulance. Prior to the day of my examination I am ashamed to say, I hardly looked at the book I was given to go through.

      However, the lovely elderly doctor who questioned me asked, “in an emergency what are the three most important B’s” from the blank look on m y face, he did not wait for my response before shouting, Breathing, Blood, Bones.

      Yes, he passed me simply because, by logical deduction, I got almost everything else right. I have never forgotten this doctor or the tree B’s which as served two people well.

      Thanks Helen

    • profile image

      Emmanuel Eichie 

      9 years ago

      Hello dami saint,

      No body is above the law and whoever breaks the law should get an appropriate punishment. On that premise, both The UK employer and the international student should get punished for their offences. I think,the Uk employer should get a fine or some community service, while the International student should have his/her leave to remain, significantly reduced.


      E. Eichie

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Dear james O'Brian,

      Rugby Player Discussion this Morning

      Your premise that Cocaine will not help a player is plain wrong. Cocaine is a strong stimulant and will raise performance and endurance. That why native in South America chewed cocaine containing leaves to improve their work performance when short of food.

      You repeated what the player said!

      Of course if the drug was Pot or Heroin it would lower the performance

      Dick Avery

    • profile image 

      10 years ago

      To jenny Barnet

      Dear Jenny

      i have listened with interest about your meditation.i live in the Battersea area and wondered if you could tell me the best place to go to learn.

      I think your show is great and love listening to you.

      Many thanks

      Woith best wishes


    • profile image

      Ibrahim Isse 

      11 years ago

      Dear Nick Ferrari,

      The Somali Youth Development Resource Centre (SYDRC) is a charitable 0ganisation that was set up in June 2000. The organisation aims to advance the education of Somali youth in the London Borough of Camden and neighbouring areas.They have been running an education achievement awards ceremony for Somali Students inCamden for the past 7 years- and last year more then 300 young people and their familiesturned up for this celebration event. This night is growing every year- and is afantastic culmination of the hard work that SYDRC do all year round.Therefor, We are pleased to invite you to be our guest of honour to our seventhachievement event, which will be taking place on March 13th of 2008. The event is to showappreciation to those children and young people who have done well academically orbehaviourally and to encourage others to emulate them.Our last 6th yearly events were successful and inspired many children and their parents.Thus raised children’s School attainment and their parent’s participation with theirchildren’s education.We know the constraints on your time but we feel your presence at our gathering willgreatly influence many young people to aim highTime: 6:00pmDay: ThursdayDate: 13th of March 2008Venue: London Irish Centre 50-52 Camden Square NW1 9XBThank you,your sincerely,Ibrahim IsseCoordiantorSomali Youth Development Resource Centre7 Dowdeny Close, Kentish TownNW5 2BP0207-4241604

    • profile image

      dami saint 

      11 years ago



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