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Updated on March 15, 2016

These three things have become of great interest in our world to as it affects the major lifestyle of every individual today. It’s what no one can run from as it’s a part of life. These three things are LOVE, SEX AND RELATIONSHIP.

Lets discuss these three briefly and how it affects our life, please share your opinion and contributions via the comment box and don’t forget to follow us in the out parts of this discussion.


Love is a very small world but means a lot in different form and different uses. But generally we all know that love is kindness, forgiveness, peaceful, friendly and everything good we can think of, but there is more to it as this love is the key in life. Let’s talk about the different types of love

  1. 1. LOVE OF GOD

This is the love that exists between God Almighty and us humans. Clearly in the bible according to John 3:16 He gave his son to die for our sins because he so much love us and he do not want us to perish. This is the greatest and No. 1 love on earth, it has no limit, it has not flaws, it is the love that makes His mercy sufficient for us, it is the same love that makes His blessing to be upon the earth, and it’s the same love that makes us sleep and wake up every day. God loves the world and all he has created that includes you and I, and this is the No. Love on the earth and it can never cease to exist as it is what bound the world together, it is what makes the earth to remain in its axis, it is this love that makes our heart beat. We all are in this love we should never forget the creator. If we all love God the world will be a better place because we would not sin against him and that means there will be no evil. But is that possible in the world today?


This is the love that exist in families, this love is suppose to be the second greatest love but it has diminished in our world today. Why?

Today the family love which brings unity and peace and general family wellbeing is no more in most homes because of anger, jealousy, hatred and greed this factors have destroyed most families today. How?

Because there is anger, jealousy, hatred and greed fathers fight children, mothers fight children, brothers fight brothers, sisters fight sisters other family members fighting each other for one reason or the other and all this fights and issues all involves anger, jealousy, hatred and greed. When any of these comes in there is no more love as it corrupts the human mind and poisons is over his own fellow relative and even same blood.

In Africa where I come from, and in Nigeria to be specific , family love has greatly diminished as related to these factors, as these factors affect family unity another factor which is satanic also affects the family and it’s called witchcraft

this has destroyed homes, families, business and so on all because of anger, jealousy, hatred and greed. Most people do not go to their villages for fear of been attacked. Others do not tell their relatives about their businesses, education and other things they do for fear of been attacked by witchcraft even in the midst of homes brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers fight themselves using witchcraft for one reason or the other all because of anger, jealousy, hatred and greed .It only takes the Grace and love of God to be free from any of such. Like a popular saying here in Nigeria there is no family without witches and wizards we all living by the Power of God.

NB: we should try to build love in our families by living right and educating our young ones now about the need for family so as to save the upcoming generations from continuing in family disunity.


This type of love is what bonds every human in this world in as to the way they relate and behave towards each other day in, day out. This love is no longer practiced again because if it were the world would have been a peaceful place with joy, happiness and so on, there would be no wars, no stealing, no kidnapping, no murdering, no form of violence or evil. This love is what brings about strength in dealing with the trails of life, this love is also been affected by anger, jealousy, hatred, greed and witchcraft this is why people fight people and love is hard to find even in churches, mosques other places of worship love is hard to get because the factors against love have gotten so much in our world and is gradually over taking love. Is quite a pity how the world is today, how my country is today, how my neighborhood is today all we here is one act of evil, anger, jealousy, hatred, greed and witchcraft and its killing out world today. What do we do in this situation we find ourselves?

It’s quite a pity we can’t do much but what have to do is to try building love in our own little environment, in our little communities, in our churches, in our mosques etc and bringing love into our life and the life of people around us.

all these and others are caused by lack of Love

We will continue with the other type of love in the next part please don’t forget to share your views via the comment box and don’t forget to build love by sharing this post to others.


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