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LPN Programs in Illinois

Updated on September 25, 2012
LPN Program in Illinois
LPN Program in Illinois

Illinois, the 21st state that was added to US is the home for the first aquarium in the nation. The state is average in size but highly populated and comes under the first five most populous states of the nation. IL is well known for its agriculture and mining industry that are also the major economic drivers of the state. To handle, cure and to offer treatment to ill, sick and wounded citizens of IL, a modern and established heath care industry exists here.

Though, the nursing industry of the IL is well known but then also it facing the problem of shortage of nursing professionals. It has also been found that the Licensed practical nurses are highly required in the state.

The contenders that are aiming to become practical nurse can make their way to destiny through joining the LPN programs in Illinois.

Eligibility Criteria

The aspirants that are next to join the Practical nurse program in Il must know that in order to do so they need to match up with the eligibility criteria that is declared by the Illinois board of nursing and it is as follows:

· The age of the candidate must not be below 18 years

· Must possess graduate or diploma degree in nursing

· Should not have any involvement in anti social activities

IL Practical Nurse Program

The time period of LPN program in IL is around 10 months or more and the amount of fee is also low and affordable. In the training session whole syllabus of the examination is taken under consideration. The contenders are offered knowledge about the basic concepts and principles of nursing care by the experts and the RNs of health care industry. In the practical portion candidates are also offered several skills to practice such as, assisting the senior nurse in the treatment of the patient, administering pills and injections to the residents, keeping the health record of the client, reporting the senior nurse about the present health condition of the patient, maintaining discipline in the care center and a range of other additional skills. It is also the fact that in such classes, applicants are efficiently prepared for the NCLEX examination


The contenders that successfully accomplish the training classes are put into the national council licensure examination for practical nurse. This exam is held by the IL state board of nursing. The examination is divided into two parts. The aspirants are required to clear both the sections in order to get through the test. It is also noticeable that contenders are required to fulfill all the formalities related to the exam before the date of the test.

The aspirants that pass the exam are rewarded with the nursing certificate and they also have permission to be got posted as LPN in the health care industry of the state.

Salary of LPN in Illinois

The LPN in IL gets fruitful salary along with several good benefits as an award of their hectic and difficult job schedule. The average amount of payment they got is around $49,000.


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