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How a Poor Child reacts in the Classroom

Updated on February 12, 2015

These Pictures depict the sad plight of our neglected and abandoned kids the world over

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abandoned, out-of-schoolorphanpoor, no playthingsabsence of nutritious foodabandoned, improper parental guidance
abandoned, out-of-school
abandoned, out-of-school
poor, no playthings
poor, no playthings
absence of nutritious food
absence of nutritious food
abandoned, improper parental guidance
abandoned, improper parental guidance

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Things Ordinary Persons Can Do To Help Unfortunate Children

  1. Adopt a child.
  2. Give or donate food.
  3. Give or donate cash.
  4. Give or donate used clothes.
  5. Join child welfare organization
  6. Donate appropriate reading materials
  7. Draw appropriate pictures
  8. Write and send appropriate stories
  9. Remember to send them a happy birthday notes
  10. E-mail or write a letter to constituted authorities suggesting that budgetary funds for child welfare institution be increased.


Little Juan's dad wants him to follow his footstep

I am little Juan de la Cruz. I am quite pale and haggard because I came from a family with ten mouths to feed. I am already of age and so Mommy against Daddy's will accompanied me to school to enrol in Grade One. Daddy is illiterate. He wants me to follow his footstep, work side by side with him till the farm in the antiquated way. He reasoned out schooling is a long, tedious process which will not produce rice or camote right away.

Juan's mom is understanding

I am quite fortunate that God has blessed us a Mommy who's understanding, compassionate and with a vision. Mommy believes that education in one way or another will help use improve our way of life.

Reasons for Juan's indifferent behavior in class

n school my actuations may seem queer in contrast with those of my fortunate classmates. At times I may sulk and feel sleepy in my corner. At times I may lost control of my temper and emotions. There are reasons for these. I feel envious whenever I see classmates attend classes in new clothes, eat enriched food during recess time and tell tales about their families' wealth. I am belittled when they kept on teasing me for not coping with what they possess; with their way of life.

Juan isn't to blame for being a poor boy

I believe I'm not to blame for being a poor child. When sulking and sleepy, it is because I was made to baby-sit my younger sister the night before or it's because of an empty stomach. Three square meals of rice a day- for our family- is a luxury. Our main dish is a pot of boiled camote or cassava and some kind of vegetables eaten at varied hours of the day be it breakfast, dinner and supper. The like of a fish, milk or butter is more of a dream in our household. In the morning I usually forego eating breakfast because root crops takes quite a long time to cook.

Classmates and even teachers keep a distance from Juan

At times classmates and even teacher shy away from me for obvious reasons. I admit I smell fishy and unlikely to them. My all-purpose old clothes- 2 trousers and 2 shirts seldom get washed with soap. I have yet to buy a toothbrush to clean my teeth with from my savings derived from peanut crop. Bath and wash soap and toothpaste are considered luxuries too in our home. It simply means we can hardly afford to buy them.

Juan conducts himself clumsily in school

They say I look clumsy the way I conduct myself inside the classroom. Yes, I do act that way. I am not used to staying in a clean, gleaming and spacious room. Ours back home is a small one with flooring of bamboo slats. We dine and sleep in it packed like sardines.

Thursday is no school day for Juan

I don't attend classes during Thursdays much to my desire. Thursday is a Tabo or Market Day in the town. Daddy needs me badly to help him sell camote and cassava because many people come to the Tabo to buy them. Each time I report to school the following Friday, teacher would greet me at the door with bitter remarks, followed with dagger looks from some of my peers. Justifications are sure to fall on deaf ears so I just keep my mouth shut and bow my head low.

Tongue-lashings await me in school

More tongue-lashings from the teacher await me come recitation period. Why? I do cling to the desk like a leech than stand tall and recite when called to because I'm not prepared with the day's lessons. At home nobody cares to assist me accomplish homework. Mommy is truly shackled with home chores while elder siblings are preoccupied with their own tasks.

Juan easily gets hurt when laughed at

When I do gather sufficient courage, I try to forget my shorcomings and recite. When I hit the mark, I feel greatly elated; I feel ten feet tall from the ground. I seldom recite in class because I'm afraid to commit mistakes. I don't want classmates to laugh at me. . I easily get hurt when laughed at so I prefer to hide in my shell than be made a laughingstock.

Juan is just a name representing poor children

The child's name Juan de la Cruz belongs to the realm of make-believe. But the writer did present a true and concrete picture of an indigent child, his feelings, deprivations and lamentations. Thousands of his kind the world over are now enrolled in schools. They are doomed to perdition if left unaided.

Help must be shared to these unfortunate children

It's high time that we extend a hand to lift them from the quicksand of filth and poverty. No person in his right mind can bear to see these unfortunate children wallow forever in the quagmire of illiteracy. They are still part of society. And this particular part of society is sick. Hence, this sick portion of society must be cured if society is to function well.

Everybody must help in the curing. Everyone must open the gates of opportunities for these downtrodden to fully develop their innate talents, skills and capabilities and so be counted as useful citizens in the days to come. Teachers occupy a key factor in their behavioral and educational upbringing. Competent ones should be assigned to handle them.

Don't ignore them to the background

Instead of relegating them to the background, they should be the first to get our concern, love, understanding and approval. They should be the first to get our attention. Therefore, let's give them food, clothes and shelter. Let's show them genuine concern, love, understanding, approval and attention to compensate for their lack of material things, educational and behavioral competencies.

A plea for help

Help educate poor children. Share a few pennies for the cause. Click URL for details: SAVE THE CHILDREN

Note: This is a plea for help. The author.


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      nick071438 7 years ago from City of Catbalogan, W, Samar, Philippines

      Thank you, pesdguy for visiting and posting your ad. I've appended it to the main hub so readers who have the means can contribute something to your cause

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      pesdguy 7 years ago

      Help Us in Educating poor children.