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Language learning skills have positive effects

Updated on October 15, 2012
It pays to get language learning skills
It pays to get language learning skills | Source

language learning skills

Language learning is always known to stimulate cognitive areas of the brain and it had been already established in research that a new born learns the meaning of almost 400 words within first 6 months and thereafter rapidly picks up language. Learning another language too (preferably in younger phases of life) is known to add versatility to the cognitive skills but no authentic research had established this fact so far. Learning another language in quick succession had been found to quickly stimulate cognitive skills by development of certain areas of the brain. The development had been noticed both in size enlargement as well as increase in neuro impulses evident from MRI scanning, encephalography, etc. The development of quick language learning skills have been found to have a profound development of hipocampus, cerebral cortex, etc. The field of study was done by Johan Martensson a Swedish Psychology researcher from Lund University. Now Johan Martensson is a convinced researcher and advocates the need to acquire quite a few linguistic capabilities as it has overall and profound impact on cognitive skills and spatial development.

For doing in vivo study, two groups have been chosen. The first group were armed forces cadets who were required to learn a foreign language of their choice within shortest period possible but not beyond an year. The second group had no such compulsion. Sizes of various brain parts as above were recorded before the start of study. The physical and neural development of parts of brain were recorded in both the groups after the first group acquired quick language learning skills. It had been found that the cadets had much better growth in spatial navigation also due to rapid development in brain parts. The extent of development was effort elastic and commensurate with extent of acquisition of new language learning skills.

Previous research on altogether different groups at diverse locations confirmed the anti ageing benefits one derives by acquiring bilingual skills. It also was found to inhibit degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, etc. The skills of learning new languages were found to rather induce brain to do daily exercises akin to Chess play, crossword puzzle, Sudoku, etc. It is further observed that those students who excelled in core subjects also did rather well in linguistic academics. Now the Science has established basis for this and rather implies that rather doing well in linguistics enabled them to do well in core subjects. Language learning skills are rather an aspect of personality development which we can't afford to ignore, at least after reading this study report.


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    • profile image

      Bryson 2 years ago

      I'm impssreed you should think of something like that

    • Spongy0llama profile image

      Jake Brannen 4 years ago from Canada

      Really? I didn't know the brain actually enlarged because of language learning. If that's the case, mine would hardly fit into my head anymore! LOL. I've been learning German for years and now I'm studying several other foreign languages while on exchange to a German university.

      I really value the cognitive benefits of language learning, but the social and cultural are my top priority :)