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Languages of India affecting Education.

Updated on November 17, 2015
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I write speaking English.It may have errors but if you can understand the essence of what is written my job is done.

How many Languages in India.

Only English is the official language on the Internet in most of the educational institutions.There are 22 official languages other than regional languages which are unofficial and the speakers of these languages are trying to make their languages as official but somehow few learned political leaders are not willing to help those small group of political leaders to wag their tail and so this problem is sleeping now.How and why when the country got its independence the nation did not go in for whatever was the official language was in vogue is due to the political leaders choice of their mother tongue hindi and they are responsible for the division amongst the people of the country.If English was made as the official language and regional language as the second language the people of the country could have been benefited and the country could have progressed much more than what it has achieved amongst the various states of India.I lived for few years in Tamil Nadu where Tamil is the official language.The village I lived was full of people who had migrated from the neighbouring Telugu speaking Andhra State.I saw no one speaking tamil even though they were born in tamil nadu.Many children could speak my language which is kannada but they could not speak English even though it was taught in their school which was a govt managed school.Some children who went to private school were able to answer some questions in English with one word like for example,if I asked them where are you going they would say 'School'.If they are coming from school they would say 'Home'.The children were given English Books that was their Text Book free by the govt schools but when I asked them to read they were not able to read the Book.I went to the Govt school to find out the reason.The school had no english teacher.I asked the teachers there why had not appointed the English Teacher.They said a teacher is appointed but has not reported for duty.Every Govt since past 65 years gave very little push to Govt schools.Private schools who did well soon mushroomed the ratio of private schools to public schools stands at 5:7 .

Who created language problem in India.

When a child goes to school in what language should the child be taught. If I have to like my neighbour he and his family must talk the same language at our home also.Is this possible in a country where there are so many languages.The people who were at the helm of affairs at the time of our freedom was of the opinion that hindi being the language of the majority of the people at that time made hindi the official language keeping English as optional.What about the other languages especially in south India did not bother the people in power and the people in power were never questioned by any one in any state.The whole country was ruled by hindi speaking people.The leaders of other states in south were puppets of the people in power for over 40 years.One generation went learning hindi and the next generation was up in arms and the people in power had some problems in controlling the people in southern states.Some one thought let them make their own languages as official and keep English as optional.It was a reverse formula with a change and the people of many states took it as a opportunity to make their local language more popular and each state changed over.One state refused to accept under any circumstances Hindi language being taught in schools of their state.This was Tamil Nadu the largest state in south.What has now happened today is English language though being official language of the country.The highly educated class still keep their children in schools where the medium of instruction is only english.

The second generation had the option to take up English as their main language and had the option to select other prescribed local or even foreign languages.This made the well to do families of higher officials educate their children only in English.This special class had the opportunity to go to English speaking countries to study there taking up higher specialized studies and research.This second generation from our day of independence who are many have come up very well on account of the choice they had to study in English in India and go to the country of their choice.What choice did the poor had was only Govt schools where they studied in local language.800 million youth of the country under the age of 36 cannot get a decent job let alone go for higher studies abroad as many who manage to get good education cannot speak good English.The people who managed the country for 65 years did nothing to bring our nation a level higher in any year.They are responsible with out accountability.

What can we do now?

  • Bringing Right to Education seriously.
  • Bringing private universities.
  • Allowing more Technical Schools.
  • Attracting Teachers with Higher Pay and Perks.
  • Introducing 'Education Assessment System'.
  • Introduction of distance education learning from reputed universities.
  • Let Autonomous schools and International Schools Function with out Govt interference.
  • Let National Council for Teacher Education more seriously and award scholars higher pay
  • Get Professionals from established institutes to help other faculty in weaker sections.
  • Give permission for private schools to run IITs to increase enrollments up to 1,00,000/yr.

Our university system is, in many parts, in a state of disrepair...In almost half the districts in the country, higher education enrollments are abysmally low, almost two-third of our universities and 90 per cent of our colleges are rated as below average on quality parameters... I am concerned that in many states university appointments, including that of vice-chancellors, have been politicised and have become subject to caste and communal considerations, there are complaints of favouritism and corruption.( Our Ex Prime Minister- Mr.ManMohan Singh has said but he did not take it seriously officially and did not contribute much as he himself was a teacher though.We all know why he did not do what he could have done if he was allowed to function with the co-operation from his party president and the opposition leaders.)

We need to increase higher education in science in NE States..


Improve all round amenities in all primary schools


Please participate in pool survey for the sake of our children.

Allow public to inspect private school make it mandatory for all school including colleges.

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      Manish 2 years ago

      Great article