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Languages of the planet

Updated on February 23, 2018

Languages of the Planet

I saw a message on the Internet that the neighboring towns high school students speak 63 languages. Mainly because those kids are from different countries and parents preserve their native language.

Unfortunately, the Russian language was worse and not all children of Russian speaking parents speak the language themselves.

My son was born in USA and right now he is 19 and understands Russian but writes with mistakes and reads slowly. It’s hard to understand how well he knows the language. Recently he has been asking about the word skill.

As soon as he went to school, he stop taking the subject seriously. He started a little bit of Italian and Chinese when he was little. Later he studied seven other languages in a language club using a Japanese learning system.

In middle school he started French in a French school, He studied Latin for two years. As a whole, he speaks only two languages currently. With my daughter it was easier and harder, constantly moving and living in different countries and now she not only speaks six languages but she reads and writes them clearly.

I decided to look up how many languages on the planet and found out there are 6,809 on the Internet. In Europe there are 230. In Asia there are 2,197. Pap New Guinea there is 832. In North America before European conquest there were 300.

This is an interesting statistic.


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