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Latest Arizona DUI Stats & Facts

Updated on January 19, 2015

Driving under the influence is a serious problem in many states. According to the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, thousands of Americans die each year after driving under the influence. However, due to recent legal repercussions, fatalities have been decreasing. In the state of Arizona, a strict penalty approach is used to deter individuals from driving under the influence. This strict penalty has certainly had an effect. According to MADD, the enactment of Arizona’s tough standards has led to a decrease in individuals driving under the influence and also to a decrease in drunk driving-related fatalities.

What Is Considered ‘Driving Under the Influence’ in Arizona?

Different states have varying standards when it comes to driving under the influence. According to ARS 28-1381, an individual is driving under the influence “if the person has an alcohol concentration of .08 or more within two hours of driving.” Your ability to reach this blood alcohol level will vary with your weight, height, gender, body type, metabolism, and other personal factors. Regardless, if you are caught with this level of intoxication while operating a motor vehicle in the state of Arizona, you will be subject to legal repercussions.

Legal Repercussions

Each year, Arizona’s Department of Public Safety releases a crime statistics report. In the year 2013, 11.2 percent of arrests were related to driving under the influence. This ranks it as one of the highest recorded years for arrests due to driving under the influence. Considering Arizona’s drunk driving laws under ARS 28-1381, if it is your first offense for driving impaired or with a blood alcohol content of .08 percent or more, then you can face up to six months in jail. There is a mandatory 10 consecutive days in jail. You will also be required to pay a $250 fine, may have your license suspended, may be placed under probation, and will have an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle for a minimum of six months.

On the other hand, if you are facing a second DUI or a DUI due to an extremely high blood alcohol concentration, then the consequences are far more severe. The jail time increases, the fine can reach more than $1,000, and in the most serious instances, you can be prosecuted for a felony DUI. Finding yourself in a situation where you are being criminally prosecuted for driving under the influence is extremely serious.

Legal Help

Legal help is an excellent resource if you find yourself being prosecuted for driving under the influence. With an knowledgeable, quality criminal defense attorney, you’ll be able to get the fair representation that you deserve so your rights are protected. Representation by a criminal defense attorney can help evaluate your case and help you get the fair outcome you deserve.

If you live in the Flagstaff or northern Arizona area, one revered solution is the Law Office of Gonzales & Poirier. This law firm has been successfully serving clients in Flagstaff and northern Arizona. If you believe you have been unfairly prosecuted, then contact the Law Offices of Gonzales & Poirier today.


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