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Latest UFO Sighting

Updated on August 13, 2011

Russian Hacker

So this is the latest buzz on the whole UFO conspiracy if you are interested in the gossip. My personal views on the subject of life on other planets is that their is no reason to be closed minded. I mean think about it we as the people are growing and discovering new things every single day. We have grown and came to co-exist with each other in a new way than we did over 3000 years ago. Who would have thought cell phones or even space travel was even possible. They would have believed we were the aliens. So in conclusion view this however you see fit. I don't discriminate on any open minds. Hope you enjoy.

So this is the latest piece of evidence. It is said to be what Russian hackers have eluded from government files. No names were given. If you would like more information on the matter or to view the full video please click on the link below.


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    • tosha11 profile image

      Natosha Bullock 6 years ago from Clarksville, Tennesse

      Yea, I never really noticed that till you mentioned it.

    • sgt_0331 profile image

      Jerry Henriquez 6 years ago

      This somewhat looks like the Stealth fighter though I agree there must be some form of life out there.