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If you actually use the Laws of attraction, miracles will happen.

Updated on November 9, 2009

Ron G. Holland

Laws of Attaction

If you actually use the Law of attraction, miracles will happen.

I get asked all the time, ‘well, just what is the law of attraction?” I also get many folk telling me what it is, and you know what, they’re all different and most are usually guessing. I would say the majority of folk stumble upon the law accidentally and very few discover it consciously. The secret of course is the invisible stream that runs through life. One side of the stream propels you toward fame and fortune and that stream runs with the current, with the flow. The other part of the stream runs in the opposite direction and that drags you down into swirling currents and rip tides of misery, failure, poverty, depression and it’s very difficult to extract yourself from. Of course what stream you are in depends whether you think negatively or positively and believe it of not that is something that you can control. Want to learn more about the law attraction? Well read on…

Law of attraction #1 Relax. This does not mean alcohol or smoking. To relax properly you need to get into some kind of exercise regime like running, swimming or cycling. Walking in the county does it for me. Find a place where you can stop your internal dialogue…then you will hear the Eurekas!

Law of attraction #2 Get in the zone. You do this by doing things you love and are passionate about. Surround yourself with positive and upbeat people and keeping working to discover what turns you on.

Law of attraction #3 You can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought. Years ago someone came to me with this manuscript and I thought it was such a good idea introduced them to my publisher, who ran with it. Same is still true today and you must work hard on keeping positive all time, regardless.

Law of attraction #4 Visualize your scrapbook. Most folk just stare at their dream books, and wonder why nothing happens for them. Staring is not enough! You actually have to impregnate those images onto the neurons in your mind, (biocomputer) and that’s where they will form programs that will enable your mind to work like a computer. Only then will then start getting Eurekas! and solutions.

Law of attraction #5 Set small goals. I have never seen anyone accomplish the big $100m goals, the mega yachts, and the own their own airplanes until they learned how to accomplish smaller goals first. Key: get your mind working like a computer first, then, program it for bigger goals, second.

Law of attraction #6 Celebrate when you do accomplish small goals. Once you started to accomplish smaller goals you must celebrate. Turn over glass, light a candle, have a lobster or steak dinner - or both. Let the subconscious mind know that you’re pleased with its computerized labour. It’ll then deliver more!

Ron G Holland is “Britain’s leading motivational speaker”, “Top Biz Guru” and “ The entrepreneur’s entrepreneur”. Ron is London based and specializes in raising finance for early stage and start-up companies and advising and mentoring entrepreneurs. You can get a FREE copy of his blockbuster international bestseller, Talk & Grow Rich – How to Create Wealth Without Capital and lots of other valuable resources by going to: and .

Ron G Holland - Personal Development - 1500 Desire


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    • Ruok profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from London


      Thanks for your lovely comment. I simply think that Ron is a great author and speaker and I would love to spread his wisdom and experience.



    • kirstenblog profile image


      9 years ago from London UK

      I love this topic! I get pumped reading and interacting with people who have an understanding of this basic principle of life. Life is full of such joy and promise and possibility, being able to embrace this simple truth opens our eyes to the opportunities that are just about everywhere. Thank you for writing this hub and contributing to the positive and encouraging energies that are out there for those who wish to find them!


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