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Layman's guide to fighting poverty

Updated on July 14, 2011
Doesn't Manson look like a street person? He has some stuff in common with homeless people. He has mentally broken down from being in prison, like many homeless have broken down from being homeless. He has no job skills. He is a bum.
Doesn't Manson look like a street person? He has some stuff in common with homeless people. He has mentally broken down from being in prison, like many homeless have broken down from being homeless. He has no job skills. He is a bum. | Source

The income gap in America continues to grow.

The income gap between rich and poor is at an all time high. Although I think that taxing the top wealthiest 2% of the population excessively is not fair, the money has got to come from some place. Maybe these ultra rich people should be given a chance to opt out of paying a premium for taxes, but if that is the case then the public should know who they are so that people have a chance to evaluate them and maybe boycott their goods and services.

Joe Blow: As it says here, Mr. X who owns X Tire company doesn't want to pay any more taxes than the rest of us.

Jane Blow: But look, Mr. Y who owns Y Tire company is willing to pay what's recommended in taxes. This will help with road projects, our schools, and more.

Author of this article: On the other hand, people who have kids they can't afford should not be given a hand out. Anyone who receives hand outs of any kind, including unemployment checks, should have weekly requirements such as proving that they're looking for work, or whatever they're receiving the hand out for.

Joe Blow: Good point, but who are you?

Me: Your creator, and I'm about to end both of you right now so I can continue writing this article!

Jane Blow: What!? What did you do with my boyfriend!? He just disappeared! This is horrifying!

(Evil laughter)

Drugs and prostitution in and of themselves are victimless crimes.

This is not to say that disrespectful things do not occur when there is drug dealing, drug usage, and prostitution going on. But under the right circumstances, they are victimless crimes. I was really put off when I heard that Nevada would even consider outlawing prostitution. Two adults are consenting to paid sex, what is wrong with that? Mind your own business, government!

How about people stop being so fearful and narrow minded about legalizing pot, and give it a shot?

I understand that someone could get high, get inside of a car, and end up killing people other than just themselves. But the same is true for alcohol. Should that be illegal? Maybe there should be a device inside of cars which detects whether the driver is high or not, and alert the authorities if something is suspicious. Not to say that that is the answer, but its an example of thinking outside of the box.

South California should be the 51st state

What does this have to do with fighting poverty? Well, some political division would be an interesting way to see who sets better economic policies. This is more novelty than it is serious.

The author of this article is a layman (non-expert on the topic.) Is he a good one?

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Work makes freedom. Sort of.

If you're required to work, you are not as long as you are working. But in this society that we live in, you've got to have work to offer to society for money so that you can have control over your own life.

If you're not educated and you hate the manual labor that you do, I strongly recommend you get a better attitude about it until you become more educated. Think happy thoughts while you're pounding those nails, washing those old people in the bath rub, or whatever unpleasant tasks go on at your job. I know its easier said than done, but find literature on happiness and spirituality so that you can feel more at peace and well rounded while you're doing those mindless tasks.

The author of this article apologizes if you don't think its very academic or a waste of your time. At this time, you will not be refunded any time spent reading this article and we apologize for any inconvenience.


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    • mikeb72 profile image

      mikeb72 6 years ago from FACEBOOK

      I think this is why this country is losing its freedoms and poor are getting poorer. people don't realize the big picture, this country was founded on a faith and morality and this is why it was great. The Roman Empire fell when it became immoral and corrupt and this one is too. I hate to see our own do it so blindly but I think it was said by FDR that we would be destroyed from within and crime is what the Justice Department is using to justify taking our day at a time with no regrets we die. p.s. nice pic's!I especially like the one of you at the top. :) lol