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Learn French For Free!

Updated on May 19, 2013

The French Language

French, a romantic romance language spoken by over 155 million people as a native language French is a favourite choice of language learning by many!, and very useful especially to those living in Europe, it is the official language of 29 countries!
Here are free quick and easy ways to teach yourself to speak French for free from the comfort of your own home!

The advantage of teaching yourself French using these free sites is that they give you a chance to gather information and choose which learning method suits you! without paying a thing! these sites help bring a clear foundation and understanding to language learning...Let's find out how we can learn French online!

Learn French in many ways!

There are many ways and techniques to learning a language, hopefully you can benefit from the sites I will mention below and useful tips and advice to come for beginners and intermediate as well

One useful tip to getting the best of French is to know at least 200 or more French words and phrases, this should also help you get by when traveling to France for a short while, but most importantly - build a foundation in your quest to learn the French language!

Learn French any day, the best way is at least 30 minutes of studying, that is starting with the vocabulary words and phrases first, don't worry about the grammar that will come to you naturally, it's best you know enough words and phrases to get by first, and then review the grammar rules.

Learn French using learning materials from these sites:


Contains some useful words and phrases for French learners, copy and print them out

2. Learn French with IE Languages!

Useful Phrases Vocabulary, Grammar Pronunciation and listening resources for you to start learning French, test yourself for free!

3. Learn French with Alexa Polidoro!

Here are 15 lessons free! PDF guides and free MP3 audio easy to learn and go through the basics of learning French!

4.Coffee Break French

A French learning site from presented by teacher Mark and student Anna, teaching you from beginner all the way to advance level, although it is not totally free as you will have to pay for the PDF guides, you can download the audio lessons for free, the audio is just as great! taking you step by step, easy to memorize, understand and take part in the lessons!

This is a great site for language learners from personal experience and from what other listeners are saying, Coffee Break French has helped them learn French quicker and easier.

5. - Learn the basic vocabulary, practice them through writing take part in audio conversations with native speakers and make friends! This is a great way of learning French as you get in contact with native French speakers throughout the French-speaking world! - A great way for interacting with native French speakers, Meet great people on this site who are there to help you for free! If they are learning English do help them too! and let them help you. The site has flashcards on every lesson, reading writing and speaking, your submissions will be corrected by native speakers on the site, make sure you have a microphone to read out loud.

You can also take part in the French active lessons which include a video, you will also be able to interact with this video as though someone is talking to you, it's a fun and easy way to learn, you will need tokens however, tokens can be achieved either by paying or by correcting other learner's submissions.

Other ways of Learning French:

There are many other ways of learning Frennch! one of them is Youtube, visualization helps bring a better picture to your mind to help you understand French clearly, learn vocabulary grammar and so much more from Youtubers willing to take teach learners like you to learn French for free!

Learn through itunes, and ipod apps, if you are using Google Android search for Apps available and use them during your spare time!

It's important you use the language when you can, otherwise you will just be wasting your time. here are some tips and advice on making the learning materials above work for you, and immersing yourself in the language, helping you to "learn French quicker!):-

Language Immersion is important, that is having French all around you, this can be done even if you don't live in France here are some useful ways to immerse yourself in French!

Immerse yourself in the French language and enjoy!

Listen to French Radio!

iTunes has great French radio and music broadcasts, other online French radios are available online! Many French radio stations can be available via satellite (depending on your location)

Watch French television:

French TV includes listening and visual skills to get you immersed in the language! Don't worry if you can't understand what they are saying, just listen and don't give up, what helps me is subtitles, some channels such as TV5 Monde offer this.

You can watch television channels in French Free to Air, (search for availability in your country or region, if you know how to work a satellite dish, this helps by simply aligning your satellite dish to a country that broadcasts FTA channels in French.

You can also watch French TV channels and videos online such as Arte TV and TF1Replay

Kids channels are also available for example Canal J: Les Videos. The thing I like with videos mainly aimed at children is they are so easy to follow, they include sing along, visual skills and listening skills, which is also handy for listeners.

Read in French!

Read the news in French, for example France24, read books aimed at adults or short story books aimed at kids, read audiobooks in French such as Litterature Audio and many others online!

Speak to French speakers!

SharedTalk is a great way of meeting French other French speakers, as well as through and Livemocha you can practice your French for fun by speaking and making new French speaking Friends!

All these methods combine help you build on your vocabulary practice reading listening and speaking skills

Join and lang-8, write online journals or notes anything that interests you, most people start with a presentation. Your submissions will be reviewed by native speakers, this is another great way of interacting and actually using what you been learning and practicing!

I am currently using it to practice my French and Spanish, in order to write blogs in those languages!

Learning French is not going to be easy, but with time and dedication, you can do this, just don't give up! Let natives teach you, tell/correct you if you make a mistake, this is the best way of learning, and that's from your mistakes!

A good method is to study 30 minutes or 1 hour a day, some people spend more than that and see no progress! by doing this step by step in a slow pace you are able to remember better.

Sitting down revising can start to get boring for some, and then comes the "I'm starting to get lazy studying" mode, the key is to use the language any way you can and don't give up, try to do something different to reviewing and reviewing, add a light to your language learning! Take a break and learn through watching TV, Youtube and listening to music as well as using other French language materials such as reading books or online resources.

This is the benefit about learning languages like French for free! is that you don't need to spend too much just to learn to communicate in French!

French is a useful and an amazing language! Enjoy every minute of learning French!


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    • blaiddgoch profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wales

      Thanks hope it helped!:)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Voted up and shared. Great hub!

    • ltlearning profile image


      6 years ago from Argentina

      great tips, thanks for your hub


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