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Learn How To Grow Grapes At Home

Updated on September 23, 2010

Learn How To Grow Grapes At Home

Our entire family is very fond of grapes. We all indulge in it every season and end up spending considerably on grapes alone. We can use grapes for different purposes and not just eating them from the table. For instance, we can produce wine or dried raisins. If you are really captivated by the fruit you should be aware of different tips that can help out a lot in growing grapes in the comfort of your own yard. They can be grown in gardens or the backyard area alone or with the help of your family.

First you will have to pick one great place to grow grapes. The location needs a lot of sun and high quality soil. If not you can alternatively go in for soil treatment. When you are harvesting grapes you will need to do a lot of tasks but they are definitely satisfying and fun.

Grapes will grow really well when the temperature is high because sun helps the plant properly ripen. Never plant grapes in the first soil you see. Buy a good soil testing kit so that you can test soil nutrients. Grapes need soil that has PH levels around 6.8. Different soils that have PH levels as high as 8 have managed to produce good vineyards.

We recommend that you always plant new saplings and seeds in Spring as it will be easier to properly treat the soil. Preferably plant those saplings that already have well developed roots. We recommend that you always pour much water in the hole you dug for the sapling and keep on pouring when the soil is being spread as this eliminates possible air pockets near roots. At least 6 feet of space is needed between 2 saplings. Cut roots that stand out being too long or show tears when you plant them. As soon as you plant the grape wines you will need to water them weekly for one month.

Don't be over enthusiastic in fertilizing your plants. Over fertilization can harm your harvest to a large extent. Look for the symbol 10-6-4 on the package while choosing nitrogen. Apply it two weeks after planting and once a year during beginning of spring every year before the new growth commences. Every single plant needs just one pound of good fertilizer. Always avoid the use of herbicides based fertilizers.

You can let your new wines grow randomly initially. However, during the next season, pick the stronger wine and train it to grow up. One strong 5 feet stake can be used for this.

Keep re-testing the soil every 3-5 years and regularly prune the harvest. Too little pruning can produce low quality grapes and too much pruning can make your harvest grow wildly with very little fruits or no fruits at all. Always be careful when you are picking grapes. Taste is the best way to determine whether or not you should pick the grapes.

The tips above will surely end up helping out much. You can use grapes for making wine, raisins, snacks, fruit salads etc. Irrespective of how you would finally use the grapes, these small tips will help you greatly in growing a good harvest of grapes.


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