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Learn How to Further Education To A Higher Education For Free

Updated on April 23, 2014

Life is Your Textbook to Higher Education & Enlightenment

Each day we live we have the option to further education for free, but if we really want enlightenment we must realize that we have to take life up on the opportunities it gives us to get that higher education. I say this because every day we are alive we learn something new, though most of the time it is something that has no importance, something like Britney Spears does not wear panties. Seriously, how important is it to know if Britney Spears wears panties or not, when in our daily lives we are enslaved by our jobs and our corporate owned government (tipping towards a tyrannical government)? Though our jobs are not forcing us to slave for them, that is our own choice, and the corporate owned government (on the verge of tyrannical government) is a whole different hub all on it's own, we need to realize that life is our text book and to utilize that text book if we want enlightenment or to further education to get a better job.

Reading and researching are not only enlightening, they are the keys to higher learning
Reading and researching are not only enlightening, they are the keys to higher learning | Source

We have the choice of the information we receive each day, whether it is entertaining, educational, or vital to our existence, and we must realize that what we chose to inform ourselves with will strengthen the one area of knowledge and weaken the others unless we make sure to balance out the information we search for. The existence of life relies on many different venues to exist, neglecting to search for knowledge and information in the different venues can eventually bring life as you know it to a halt. Therefore I present you with a challenge, as you are searching for a higher education and new knowledge to a better career; better your life as well by taking in all the lessons that life has to offer with independent study (also known as self guided education), as the following will explain why independent study can be very beneficial to further education for a better job and may even help you save money in your journey to a higher education and a better career.

The Common Misconstrued Method to Further Education to a Higher Education

When people are in search of continuing education because they want a higher education or a better job, they automatically think that means going to some sort of vocational school, college, or university, and maybe taking advantage of some distance education programs like the online degree programs that a lot of the universities and colleges are offering to further education. However going to a college, university, or even a vocational school has become quite expensive, as a majority of colleges, universities, and vocational schools around the world have been raising their tuition fee. If you're lucky you may get a job in the field you studied in to help pay the incurring educational debt, but not even the colleges, vocational schools, and universities that offer job placement can actually guarantee that you get a job in the field of your studies. What's even worse, is that I have heard time and again how so many people who graduated in the top of their class walked away from their college courses not remembering any of the knowledge they were supposed to have gained from the vocational, university, or college, and many have had to go back through their text books to re-learn the information and knowledge their college courses were supposed to help them retain.

If it wasn't for the fact that so many jobs are asking for a BA in this or a MA in that, many of the vocational schools, colleges, universities would be out of business. However, for the simple fact that most people do not see any way around the requirement of having a BA in this or a MA in that, many people end up going into huge debt just trying to get a better job by continuing education through a college, university, or vocational school, as they do not realize that independent study can actually benefit them by allowing them the time they need to explore the information for better retention. Moreover, you can learn more about how independent study may also help you to obtain that BA or MA for a much cheaper price, depending on the job field and college courses required for that job.

We are naturally curious beings and we have these amazing brains that could easily handle self guided education, but yet we only use 10% of our brain. Why is that? Well let’s start out with our education, in particular, the public educational system.

The Public Educational System: A Stroll Down Memory Lane

You all remember going to school as a kid, so let me ask you this…Do you remember being excited about learning by exploring and really thinking, asking questions and then discovering the answers about what you were learning when you went to school? There was one teacher throughout my education that made learning exciting for me; she was my second grade teacher. This is what public education offers: a very low possibility of having a good teacher that will provoke your interest in what you are learning, and a high possibility of a boring lecture of this is what happened or how this works, and no exploration into the subject.

Basically we are taught what to think, not how to think because we do not have enough teachers that are willing to explore the information that they are teaching. It’s like the saying “You give a man a fish and you feed him for a day… You teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. We are not taught how to think and learn critically unless we are lucky enough to have had at least one good teacher who taught us how to explore what we are learning during the beginning of our education; we are simply fed bits of data and told to process it like a computer. Every student taught in the public school system is just an organic computer trained for labor (or "human resources," as the documentary "State of Mind - The Phsychology of Control" states) “No child left behind.” Imagine the possibilities and the intelligence that we would have if every teacher we had explored with us everything they ever taught instead of just giving us facts to memorize.

Suggested Reading for Enlightenment

As public schools are government funded, I would like to ask how many of you who are reading this, actually know what is written in the constitution and the bill of rights and what it all means? We all know that the constitution and bill of rights give us our freedoms in the U.S. because that is what we were taught, but did your teacher ever explore every amendment and article that makes up those documents when they were teaching you about it? Most likely not because that is usually something you explore in depth in law school. These documents give U.S. citizens’ their freedoms, but yet most U.S. citizens do not learn much more then what they were taught in grade school about them unless they go to law school.

Don’t you think it would be important to learn everything you could about the documents that give you your freedom? For those of you who don’t completely understand everything written in these documents, I encourage you to please go and learn everything you can about the constitution and bill of rights starting by clicking here and researching what you don't understand about those documents, because without the citizens to back those documents, our government can easily become a tyrannical government, as our law enforcement, congressmen and senators will view them as just pieces of parchment that the public doesn't understand so they don't have to abide by them.

Intriguing Thoughts on Continuing Education & Higher Learning

Since we do learn something new every day wouldn’t it be safe to say that gaining intelligence and enlightenment is one of the many reasons why we live, and if so why are we not taking the opportunity to educate ourselves with important things that will help us continue our existence and help us defend ourselves against a corporate owned government tilting to towards a tyrannical government? Instead we rely on that very government that with every ounce of security they say they provide is another freedom lost because people don’t understand that when they rely on someone else to protect them they give that person the right to control them and control is not freedom. Our priorities in what we are learning every day need to change or we will see ourselves regressing instead of progressing.

Education is free when you go searching for it, and all you have to do is explore it by asking questions, searching for the answers, and always look for supporting evidence in what you are researching before you come to your final conclusion.

Don't Let the Saying "Curiosity Killed the Cat" Keep You from Your Dreams & Enlightening Your Mind

Albert Einstein was not a college graduate, his curiosity is what made him a genius, and it is curiosity that made Thomas Edison a great inventor as he did not receive much formal education as well, so let curiosity allow you to explore your dreams. Just as well, don't let money hold you back because you can't afford college or vocational school, and utilize independent study, as it may help you with getting a BA or MA college degree, and that better job you've been looking for.

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    • higher education profile image

      higher education 5 years ago

      Thanks Julie, I'll be working on a follow up to give you and others who are in search of continuing education some ideas on how to get started with your self guided education and where you can find the resources for the studies you choose.

    • profile image

      Julie 5 years ago

      I agree that life provides many opportunities to learn more. Sounds like independent studies are a great way of continuing education, I hope to learn more about how to use my independent studies to gain a degree.