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Learn Hypnosis Free

Updated on June 19, 2013

Don't Be Scared

Throughout history hypnosis has been met with mystique, fascination, skepticism, and even fear. Some have viewed it has a form of witchery, where one invokes another to do strange and evil doings without their conscious consent; while others pawn it off as a fraudulent and imaginative practice con-artists use to make money off the painfully naive. If nothing else, it has been painted an artful practice, whether real or imagined. But does it have a place in today's society? I would argue, most certainly, yes. You see, when we go to the movies and we are sucked into the abyss of characters, setting, and plot, we lose track of the real world. Our conscious senses dim and without our knowledge subliminal messages work their magic. If it's a scary movie, many of us will certainly sleep with the lights on. And if it's inspiring, it might begin to give us a sense of aspiration...a muse. Marketers know the reality of hypnotism -they use it to their advantage, and sadly, to our disadvantage. "Would you like fries with that?" It's all business though, right? The thing is, it can work against us, but it can also work for us. We just have to make a conscious choice as to which it will be. We can use self-hypnosis; we can hire a hypnotist. We can BECOME the hypnotist.

What It's Used For

In many states hypnotism isn't regulated. It's considered a pseudo-science and can be used in vocational or avocational therapies, such as increasing confidence and focus. It can be used to help with weight loss and cessation of smoking. It can help ease fears, chronic pain, anxiety, and phobias. Many hypnotists use techniques such as circle therapy and systematic desensitization. Sounds almost like psychology, right? Many psychologists and addictions counselors employ the use of hypnosis to help their clients, with much success. It cannot, however, be used to treat mental or physical illness. This is beyond the scope of a simple hypnotist. But that's not to say hypnotists cannot do a great deal of good for the common man, woman, and child. Most of us could use a little help.

How Long...and How Much???

You can train as a hypnotist through multiple online programs that can range anywhere from 0 to thousands of dollars. As the old saying goes, the world is your oyster. And since there are few regulations, there is no one to tell you which program you should use. My own training came from Hypnosis Motivation Institute. They offer a free certificate in hypnosis in their introductory program and graduates are eligible to be certified through the hypnotherapists union as a "hypnotist". Just those few short weeks I feel I learned more about the human mind than I had in four years of studying psychology and addictions counseling as an undergraduate. I find my experience invaluable. Three years later and I still watch their videos. For most advanced programs you can train in less than a year. Mine took approximately ten months, and ran an upwards of $3000.

Can I Make Money As a Hypnotist?

You can! You can absolutely make money as a hypnotist. The key is to market your skill. Put yourself out there, make connections, order business cards. Be personable! Be your own inspiration. You can even do hypnosis with clients over Skype or create your own MP3s to sell on iTunes. This is a great idea for those who want to work from home. You can train as a hypnotist free through various programs online, or you can choose to take advanced courses to improve your marketability for much less than the cost of a degree; and soon enough create a profitable career for yourself helping others.


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