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Learn Japanese Phrases for Describing People

Updated on March 15, 2013


The Japanese language is a pretty difficult language to learn for beginners but once you begin to get the hang of it, learning hence forth becomes easy. Most people learn the Japanese phrases from the numerous Japanese anime but there is more to the language than what you see in the anime world. For beginners, the article will instill the right mentality to help you recognize the best approach you can use in learning the language. Learning the correct words for use in describing people or things in essential in every language and the opposite cannot be said of the Japanese language. When doing a description of people, there are simple unwritten rules that need to be adhered to. For example when doing a description of a person, you start at the top-the head then the clothing, the shoes and to round off the description with a general statement.

The rules used for description in the Japanese language are quite simple. The Japanese people put a lot of emphasis on formality of the language. Most of the time they detest the informality in languages and the informal expressions in the language are avoided in the normal Japanese talk. For the beginner, this formal language works to their advantage. The informal expressions are often confusing but when you learn the formal language, you will realize that the language is straight forward. The other important factor in the Japanese language is polite use of language. The Japanese like the polite phrases that goes hand in hand with the formal language. The other important factor in learning the Japanese phrases for describing people is context. The Japanese appreciate a polite language that is put into context. The right words used in the right places ensures effective communication in the Japanese language.

Phrases for Describing People

He's smart. - 彼は賢いです。 - かれはかしこいです

He's funny. - 彼はおもしろいです。 - かれはおもしろいです

He's handsome. - 彼はハンサムです。 - かれはハンサムです

He's immature. - 彼は幼いです。 - かれはおさないです

He's like a kid. - 彼は子供のようです。 - かれはこどものようです

He worries too much. - 彼は心配しすぎです。 - かれはしんぱいしすぎです

He thinks too much. - 彼は考えすぎです。 - かれはかんがえすぎです

He works hard. - 彼は一生懸命働きます。 - かれはいっしょうけんめいはたらきます

He's cheerful - 彼は元気です。 - かれはげんきです

He's confident. - 彼は自信があります。 - かれはじしんがあります

He's decisive. - 彼は決断力があります。 - かれはけつだんりょくがあります

He's reliable. - 彼は頼れます。 - かれはたよれます

He's focused. - 彼は集中力があります。 - かれはしゅうちゅうりょくがあります

He's gentle. - 彼は優しいです。 - かれはやさしいです

He's loyal. - 彼は誠実です。 - かれはせいじつです

He's selfish. - 彼はわがままです。 - かれはわがままです

He's thoughtful. - 彼は思いやりがあります。 - かれはおもいやりがあります

He's polite. - 彼は礼儀正しいです。 - かれはれいぎただしいです


The Japanese phrases provided will help the beginner and the other Japanese language learners in doing description of people. Learning the right Japanese phrases can help you get along with the people around you. Practicing the phrases with real people around you can help you perfect in the phrases and before long you will be speaking the Japanese language like someone who owns it. But the secret behind the Japanese phrases for describing people is the politeness and their due emphasis on formality of the language. Colloquial expressions are rarely entertained in the Japanese language and that should work just fine with the learner.


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    • SolveMyMaze profile image


      5 years ago

      Awesome hub. You've included a lot of great starter phrases here that will surely help people out. I'm seriously tempted to see if Rosetta Stone does a Japanese version of their software to start learning Japanese.


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