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Learn Thai Online

Updated on June 23, 2011

Learn Thai Online

Thai is a difficult language to learn to speak simply from reading language books. It is a language that one needs to hear spoken. There are so many different tones that you need to tune your ear too.

One would imagine that by living in Thailand it would be easy enough to pick up the language. This may well be the case but it would really depend on where you lived and who you spoke too. The Thai people are quite mobile and Thailand is a big country. Sitting around a table with Thai friends and drinking beer it is a natural assumption that they are speaking Thai. They often are but sometimes not. There are dozens of different dialects and these can be as different as BBC English is as to broad Glaswegian. Complicate that with Laos or Khmer words and you will begin to realise how difficult it can be.

A language school is probably the ideal but sadly is outside the pocket of so many people. Purchasing a DVD or audio cassettes may be the choice of others. Often though these will end up gathering dust on a shelf. Money wasted.

Why not then try to learn Thai Online for free. If you find that you like it and are making good progress then you could take further steps and pay for a course and so polish off the edges.

There are lots of free opportunities online. There are some examples below to help you.

The Best Free Site For Learning Thai Online

Everyone will have their own personal favourites as to what is the best online site for learning Thai. I have looked through dozens and liked bits and pieces in all of them. My overall favourite however is:


If you haver heard Thai spoken or seen the words then I would suggest that you make this your first stop. I feel pretty sure that once you have then visited a few of the other sites that if you don't make it your favourite too then it will certainly be in your top three.

Another good site is  Learn Thai Online . Okay it is trying to sell something but there are lots of free features on the site and the method of learning is novel and one I can relate to. Perhaps it would suit you too.

Take a look at the video below.

Learning To read Thai

I hope by now you have had a play around and got a taste of the language. I hope you will make the effort to learn more. If you think that Learning Thai Online is not for you then there are other possibilities listed for you below.


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