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Learn to Entrust Responsibilities

Updated on March 25, 2015

It is good to lend a hand. And it is also healthy to let someone lend you a hand.

I am a college student. Being JUST a college student drains my energy and all my motivation to go on. I am also volunteering in a Christian Organization at school. At first I was just a member but later on I was given an opportunity to be a leader and direct events. This was not a burden for me since I love the job they gave to me. I love orchestrating special events, creating short movies, creating promotional videos and materials, and work with many artistic students from our University.

This February, we conducted a concert at school. We took strategic steps so we could launch the event without stressing ourselves too much. We broke down the preparation of the event into small manageable steps and started as early as November 2014. But the fact that it is going to be held at the end of February when final exams are given, it still stressed me out. My education is still my priority so I spent more time in it. I worried that we won’t be able to create a moving concert if we couldn’t meet and work on it regularly.

Our solution was simple. We distributed the tasks according to what we can do. I let other members to lead whenever I am not around. This was the time I appreciated so much about self discipline, teamwork and trust. I also learned that I’ve been doing many things alone instead of doing it with others. Sometimes, I need to entrust things to other people. Who knows if they could do it way better than me?

On the 27th of February this year, we were able to launch the concert successfully. They say that this was the best so far compared to the concerts of the previous years. We sold twice as many tickets compared to last year’s. More than the happiness of producing a quality event at school, I am so glad that we shared the joy of working together. We even dreamed of working again together at a prestigious event in the future. :)


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