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Learning Isn’t Just in the Classroom

Updated on February 22, 2016

Continuing education isn’t just about going to school, getting degrees and certifications, and learning in a classroom. Learning throughout life is an exciting adventure of discovery and exploration. While formal education makes for valuable resume fodder, your pursuit of education should never be limited to the confines of classroom learning. In fact, if you want additional resume fodder, of equal or even greater importance, it is absolutely necessary to have life experience outside of school.


Volunteer experience is extremely valuable is a number of ways. First, it looks great on a resume since it serves as work experience. Second, you learn and grow as an individual, both in the skills obtained and the knowledge learned. Third, and most importantly, giving of your time and talents to serve the community is a noble and fulfilling experience. Whether it’s helping to build homes for less fortunate families, volunteering your time at a non-profit historical site, or helping out with a church activity, it makes you feel good, serves a greater cause, and provides ample opportunities to learn.


Learn something new everyday… from home! We live in the information age so there’s no excuse to not be learning. Everyday we feature new articles on a wide range of subjects so you’re sure to constantly be picking up new information. However, beyond what TotallyHer offers, there are websites devoted to everything you could possibly want to know. Interested in expanding your vocabulary? Sign up for a word-a-day e-mail. Want to learn a new language? Find free (or low cost) lessons online. And if you miss college classes, you can even find free courses to take online.

Mentors / Peers

We spend so much time focused on obtaining information through schooling, news, websites, doctors, etc., that we often neglect one of our most valuable resources: our friends! We live in a society that values being “self made” but that doesn’t mean you can’t get help. In fact, the most successful people utilize their every resource rather than letting pride interfere with their achievements. We all have friends from different walks of life with unique experiences and expertise. When they are truly friends, they want to help and they want to see you succeed. Even those we know that may be older and much more successful are often willing to take on a mentor role. It’s an honor to help pass along skills and insider-know-how. So don’t be afraid to reach out, admit there is more to know, and rely a little more on your friends for continuing education.


The cartoon character Toot and Puddle say, “The more places you go, the more you know.” Haven’t you found that every time you go somewhere new you also learn more than you ever expected? Even if it’s just to a local museum you’ve been meaning to visit, or making a small detour on a common road trip, you’re certain to learn something new. Not only that, but you feel your awareness expand and you develop a greater understanding of people, culture, and history. Let’s not forget, it’s also a whole lot of fun! Get exploring instead of the same old outing and you’ll come back a better person for it, not to mention refreshed and rejuvenated from getting out of the ordinary


It seems harder now to have hobbies since we have so much technology taking over our lives. However, there are many ways to incorporate fun activities into your busy schedule. You can take up a craft project while watching TV. You can read a good book while waiting in line. You can skip the workout DVD and learn a new sport instead. Whatever it is you’re interested in doing, just do it! With free instructions available online, libraries full of educational material to borrow for free, and even community and church activities (also for free or low cost), there’s no excuse not to get started. You’ll also find that pursuing your interests will decrease your stress and increase your happiness. That alone is reason to learn something by starting a new hobby.

Education can be obtained everywhere. Look for opportunities to learn in your everyday life and you’ll see that even out-of-school you will continue to grow smarter, wiser, and passionate about life!

How do you continue to learn and grow in your life?

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A student Learn Basic Computer Science in Schools
A student Learn Basic Computer Science in Schools | Source


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