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Learning Online: Here is why advanced learners are banking on this new form of learning

Updated on August 24, 2016

Is traditional learning losing it's relevance in imparting quality education? Is perhaps the single most important question looming large in the educational ecosystem.

It's hard to say but considering the increasing popularity of online learning it can be said that this mode of learning – in the coming decade or the next – is going to take the place of traditional learning if the brick-and-mortar classrooms and the orthodox way of learning are not revolutionised in an effective way.

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Why so? Simply because traditional learning is failing to pass on knowledge that is needed. To be more precise, it is relying on the decade old learning procedure which, in the course of time, became obsolete long before you can think of. Let's explore the reasons to the fullest extent.

Traditional learning is teacher-centric which comprises of following lectures and taking notes and repeating those over and over again. That means this mode of learning is prioritising educators rather than the learners. As a result, the hiatus between students and educators and the learning is becoming wider. According to a survey, a shy student can lose up to 30 percent of his grade just because he is shy and afraid to take part in his class. And the average number of shy or non-participants in a class? Well, much to your surprise, it's little more than 40 percent.

What's the workaround? Online learning is dramatically changing the scenario of education by arming the students with relevant knowledge. This radically new procedure of education sticks up for active learning, a new approach of imparting knowledge with the help of modern technology. As technology is making a solid ground in our life, education – like other aspects of life – also gets its intuitive touch of technology and is being transformed with a new face Education 2.0, as Bill Gates conceptualised it.

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Image courtesy :

What's the benefit? Education 2.0. It does express the whole nine yards. Methodologically it means an upgraded version of education that backs up active learning. A learning that is designed to impart quality career-oriented education needed for getting a decent job. To get a clearer idea let's delve deep into the structure of eLearning.

Hands-on experience. The courses and modules of online degree courses are crafted in a way that along with quality knowledge it arms the students with hands-on experience. Unlike traditional learning this inch-perfect approach of education bridging the gap between the knowledge that is needed to get upskilled and the knowledge that is being imparted in the traditional learning institutes.

Decision-making power. This perhaps is the most effective upshot of online learning. eLearning is a self-directing way of education which means students have to carry on their learning at their own pace. And this eventually helps the students to become more responsible and arms them with decision-making powers. Employers across regions, platforms and job sectors believe that students who bagged at least one online degree are better suited for a job and it's hard situations that it might fall in.

The availability of learning has become high through online learning as this way of learning intertwines with new-age technology like cloud storage, augmented reality, big data, high-speed internet with unlimited bandwidth and so on. Today students are making use of their free-time to opting in learning through their smart phones. This, in a nutshell, is the scenario of modern education metamorphosed by the infusion of online education.


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      2 years ago

      Good article.


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