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Learning a Foreign Language: Helpful or Not?

Updated on December 22, 2010

    Many individuals think that learning a new language is a waste of time; however, it has been proven to be useful and helpful to the individual that is learning. Grasping another language is considerably time consuming, but jobs for interpreters are increasingly being required. If an individual is fluent in another language, he can help any foreigners that might need aid. Not only can the individual help another person, but he will be benefiting himself as well.

    Individuals who can speak two or more languages are becoming far and few between. The more jobs that are in need, the more employers are willing to pay for such workers. Learning a language may take up any free time that a person has, but the chances of obtaining a well-respected job increases. Because of the demand for such a position in the workplace, the multilingual employee will be able to request a greater salary. A student named Marie Lechantre asserts, "I will always be glad that I took the time to study languages. It opened for me many doors- professionally as well as personally. Foreign languages equal a free pass to the world." A job and favorable pay can lead to a satisfying life. What is not to like?

   When a person can speak another language, opportunities to help another individual open up. Tourists who are unable to speak English visit America year round. Think about how those people might feel if they knew that someone was willing to learn their language in order to help them. The smallest act of kindness can have the largest impact. "Through learning language, we learn about culture. Through learning about culture, we learn respect for others. Through learning respect for others, we can hope for peace." If the tourist is aware that someone is interested in him, he may be more willing to listen and cooperate to any aid given. Not only does it help other people, but the benefits the learning individual reaps is great.

   Comprehending a new language is difficult, yet gratifying at the same time. For example, when visiting a foreign country with the learned language, the individual will feel well prepared and not so out of place, perhaps giving themselves a boost of self esteem. Also, when learning a new language, a great amount of effort and thinking is required. Simply knowing sentence structureand being able to think in the different language is not enough. Pronunciation, rhythm, and intonation vary from language to language. The individual learning the language will show a greater development in mental flexibility, creativeness, and thinking skills. Foreign languages also broadens the individual's way of thinking and comprehension of people. Though learning a foreign language is a difficult task, the results are rewarding.

   Many will argue otherwise. Some people believe that learning another language is pointless and impractical, but their claim can be proven incompetent by a number of reasons. Comprehending and understanding another language is relevant in many areas of life. It can help an individual find a secure job and a satisfying lifestyle. When tourists are in town, they appreciate that an individual has taken the time to learn their language. Also, the individual benefits his self mentally and socially. If an individual has the chance to help his self, but also others, why would he not take it?


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    • ltlearning profile image

      ltlearning 5 years ago from Argentina

      Learning a second language is 100% Helpful. Thanks for writing this hub with many advantages of learning a second language