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Learning a Language on

Updated on May 24, 2016

Learn a Language to Expand you Mindset

Did you know learning a new language helps create new neuron connections in your brain as well as helps develop new ways of thinking. This leads to having an open mind!

Is it the time to travel and see what the world has to offer, or are you needing help with learning a language for school ?

- Let me help you with a simple site and a quick word of advice!

Duolingo has about 15 different languages to choose from on their easy to use domain. They offer quick classes that are most easily compared to mini lessons put together for you that you can take at your own pace.

When it comes to learning a language, people like the easy route. The easy route that comes to mind is not spending on a software such as Rosetta Stone, but rather getting down the basics. If you do come to face which route to take, know that Rosetta is money, but you will be paying for its quality. Duolingo on the other hand is free, yet you may not get the same experience that Rosetta offers for you, but a guarantee that you will get a grasp of the basics depending on the time you put in it

These two options don't matter as far as quality because its mostly how good of a student you are and how much time you are willing to put in to the program. If you are willing to learn off the program and open more books as well as taking the lessons, you will master it!

Opening up Duolingo

How Does Duolingo Work?

When you first log in to the domain you will be asked if you would like to take basic lessons one by one or to take a placement test to see how much you already know. If you take the placement test you don't have to take each mini lesson until you reach your place of where you left off. It is as easy as that!

Once the placement test has been accounted for your profile you will just log in regularly and it'll show you were it left off to continue your learning experience.

Getting Started

After your placement, you begin learning!

You will be logged in and start off by taking the super basics of the language, such as learning common words


-Female/Male References


-Identification and Plurals of Words and etc.

As you continue learning you will find that you will get the hang of the program very easily and if you would like to repeat any of the lessons you can easily go back and repeat the mini lesson. After each lesson you will be graded to see where you stand and how you're doing overall.

I find this site easy because of the way it is separated in chapters as a language textbook, it teaches everything that is related together such as foods in one category along with nouns, pronouns, and plurals of the words that go with them and of course how to form the correct sentence using those words.

At the end of the category of mini lessons you will take a chapter test of all the material learned to see how much you understood. Only then can you move on to the next category and if not you repeat what is needed for your better understanding.

In the picture shown above I had started learning French and it shows you what the first lesson chapter looks like.

I highly recommend this site if you are setting out for the summer to a different country and need a quick refresher or even learning a bit so you're not a confused foreigner! Duolingo doesn't have a wide variety of languages so check to make sure if this site works for you. Last I saw the site it included about 17 different languages.

Here is your link to get started



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    • vesselinaadrianna profile image

      Vesselina Raltcheva 21 months ago from San Diego, CA

      Thats great advice ! Thank you for the feedback .. Ill need to look in to digital dialects. I have never heard of it !

    • profile image

      corinn 21 months ago

      This site is well-known to me, as I am a foreign-language teacher. This site was actually recommended to me by a friend of the developer. Not only have I had my students use this site in Spanish class, but I only have tutored adults, from another country, who told me they used this site for learning English. I have noticed, though, that when you click on some of the languages, there is a notice that says they are still in progress of developing the program for those languages. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE DuoLingo, and many students have also enjoyed this site. If you are looking for more than one resource, though, another great free language site is