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Classroom Activity: Learning Adjectives Using LaFleur's 'Love Aubrey'

Updated on November 8, 2016
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Author Erwin Cabucos has a Master in English Education from the University of New England, Australia.


For lower secondary or junior English classes

An adjective is usually called a 'describing' word. It tells something about the noun, giving us more information about the person or the object. Writers use adjectives to make their meaning clearer and readers need it to know more about the subject or the topic.

  • A sentence without an adjective would be: She sees an airplane.
  • A sentence with an adjective: She sees a large airplane.
  • S sentence with more than one adjectives: She sees a large, red and wide airplane.

Adjectives tell us four different things about the noun:

  • how many: I stomped on fourteen rotten apples.
  • how much: She gave me half of the pie.
  • what kind: Grandma prunes assiduous trees in summer.
  • which one or whose: That watch is his, but the time is ours.

1) Read the following extract and complete the following activities:

First, underline the adjectives. Second, copy the underlined words and use them in a sentence. Third, identify whether they tell how many, how much, what kind or whose.

'We never really went on vacations,' I started. 'I mean, except here, to see Gran. We never went and stayed in a hotel or anything. But dad took a couple of days off in April, and he and mom though it would be fun just to go somewhere, so we drive about three hours to a hotel. It was fun. We stayed three days, and ate all the breakfast we wanted and played in the pool and went out to restaurants and watched cable in the room. Then on Sunday we started back. It was raining only a little when we left, so we got on the interstate. There were a lot of trucks and it was hilly, and soon the rainbow was just pouring down. You couldn't really see anything. I was sitting behind Mom. She was driving. The rain sounded good on the car and road and it made me sleepy. I was tired from the trip, so I put my head against the window and fell asleep. Savannah, I remember, had a colouring book out and headphones on, last I looked.

- 'Love, Aubrey' by Suzanne LaFleur, Ch. 9

2) The following adjectives are taken from Chapter 1 of 'Love, Aubrey'. Find five adjectives that could be used in place of each:

  1. healthy __________________________________________________________
  2. glamorous _______________________________________________________
  3. noisy ___________________________________________________________
  4. wonderful ________________________________________________________
  5. unwanted ________________________________________________________
  6. tired _____________________________________________________________
  7. broken ___________________________________________________________
  8. awful _____________________________________________________________
  9. stale _____________________________________________________________
  10. nice _______________________________________________________________

3) Write an email to your grandparent or best friend in which your compare primary or elementary school with secondary or high school. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

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