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Learning with Youtube

Updated on October 27, 2011

I reviewed four videos and found them to be both similar and both different from one another despite both being about the same topic. I have never really been a true fan of the site and only use it to view movie trailers and TV trailers for season premiers or season finales. Other than that I have never really had a use for YouTube services. Using it as an educational tool could be beneficial to a degree though. I think teachers themselves need to find certain specific videos and give the links to the students to view in order for it to be an effective learning tool.

Since its inception YouTube has literally taken the world by storm as it is everywhere. Billions have taken to posting and viewing on the site yet I honestly don’t see the appeal. YouTube is easy to use, it’s also inexpensive. One thing of importance is that it has been instrumental in promoting awareness, from breast cancer to HIV/.AID. It’s also promoted awareness on homelessness, animal cruelty, and a number of other issues. Expressing your creativity through YouTube is a major benefit and becoming a member is fast and easy. Some could even say that YouTube saves money on advertising and marketing.

YouTube doesn’t come without its issues. As you know whatever you post online is there forever and videos are no exception. Searching for specific things are time consuming as its quite hard to filter and you end up with hundreds of videos, it can become quite time consuming. Also, there are at time some explicit video content. Violence is often posted and viewed on a daily basis as well as animal torture videos.

It’s clear that the pros outweigh the cons but at the same time all users need to practice diligence when using YouTube from posting and viewing to commenting.


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