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IEP's, Learning Disabilities, and Lackluster Educators

Updated on May 29, 2016

Hello. I was born and raised in Lakeland, FL. My fiancé and I now have two children, being "educated" in this system.

I thought I was doing justice for my oldest son, by sending him to a magnet school. I knew from Pre K, that he would need a -stern, focused- education. I felt that he may have some difficulties for his age; but was assured that going [magnet] school route would do the trick.

After 3 tiring, stagnant, useless years; I was finally told in a less than organized gathering [saying meeting would give too much credit] that "this kind of school, couldn't provide the resources and "level" of education required for your son." I also found out over those same 3 years, that my son had been bullied {yearly} ( none of these incidents reported to me at the time of the incidents, but I can only assume at their convenience.

Fast forward to his current school, a Title 1 school; the school type that catered to "his" type of student. I was alarmed to find that, although caring and supportive teachers were in abundance; the road block was the same- lack of resources. It took 2 years of letters requesting testing, 2 less than accurate school based psychological exams ( one of which I had to take him to the school during summer hours because the psychologist was so behind), eventually having to take him on my own to have specialists test him, stalking level emails to the Commissioner of Education, numerous months of email corresponding with the school, failing the FCAT twice, being retained a year, and a so-convenient apologetic call from the school board; just for my son to get an IEP. STILL......road block!

As much as their hearts were in it; it appeared that no one was willing to reach in their pockets to match the willingness of the educators. How can you provide accurate and child specific care, when there is one ParaProfessional and there are 16 out of 18 children in the same class who are in need? Possible exaggeration, but you understand.

Along with the damage, untimely reported bullying created a child fearful of other students, change, and concerned that he had very little support from the adults he was told to report to; our work was cut out for us. My son is now the result of lack of supervision, lack of available school counseling, and an overwhelmed teacher who possibly missed all the warning signs of his maltreatment because she is too pressured to shove a tests down the students throats, that they are already set up to fail. There are no full time psychologists, paraprofessionals and teachers are scattered or resigning, and parents are left to explain the WHY's and WHY NOT's to our needy children. But yet there is little understanding for "too many" absences, with little regard to the underlined reasons.

On the other hand, I felt armed with more knowledge with my second child. More observant, more protective, more inquisitive, more conversational. He is at the other spectrum; excited, ready to learn and absorb; AGAIN.....road block! In a meeting with his current teacher, I asked if she had more work for him because he has voiced not feeling challenged. His teacher voiced how pleased she was with his classroom performance, but the only thing that could be offer were websites because she didn't have the resources to further stimulate my son's eager mind!

Will this new charter system provide not only for students like my younger son, but also recognize the children, like my oldest son, who requires a little more to be successful?

Change the name, remember the child left behind!


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