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Leave Cousin Big Foot Alone

Updated on August 16, 2012
all rights reserved and copyrighted
all rights reserved and copyrighted

I don't know how you may feel, but I wish that all those so-called researchers doing their thing about "Big Foot", Sasquatch, Skunk Ape , and Yeti, would just LEAVE THEM ALONE AND ALLOW THEM THEIR DIGNITY. AFTER ALL, THEY PROBABLY HAVE LIVED ON THE EARTH, AS WE KNOW IT, FOR A MUCH GREATER LENGTH OF TIME THAN WE HAVE. With all the hoopla lately on T.V. about looking for the mysterious "Big Foot" all over the ranges from North America to Asia, the animals are just another species of ape, with a little more development, in the fact that they walk upright most of the time and exhibit many human characteristics in their socialization and feeding habits. The great apes of Africa do also. The chimps and many other species of monkeys all over Asia, Africa and island countries, have a great many of their most important characteristics that are alike or very similar in nature.

I am amazed at the absurdity of talk show hosts and adventurers who film their exploits out in the wilds as they attempt to track down a "Big Foot or similar creature. They walk about in the dark and daylight announcing their whereabouts and probably drive any self respecting wild beast away from the area with their vague attempts at calling, either by knocking on trees, yelling, what to the animals is a form of obscenities, and trying to provide a weird form of entertainment to a bored audience, who get tired of the same old-same old."Look.a track", one will say. "Lets make a cast so that some scientist will comment that it certainly looks like a track left by either a bear or fake imprinter." One in the group will be the pessimistic member and put down all the evidence that the others have accumulated. Five will say it is a Big Foot sound, track or a film is valid of the creature, while one in the bunch will deny it and maintain that it is trickery or some other natural phenomena. Of course that person really believes in the creature, but they don't want you to know that. The biggest problem that I see with all the research folks and their shows is that what the heck are they going to do if a six hundred pound eight foot tall mega-power, attacks them because they are being too annoying and driving the critter off the deep end? They walk about in the dark with video cams and lights as if this will not alert every animal within ten miles that they are there. They camp out in the dark and then claim that they saw or heard only owls and deer.

The way I see it, these creatures deserve respect and should be left alone in their natural habitat. If we are so concerned about saving a lizard or bird and keeping it from becoming extinct, why should we not take a mutual interest in Sasquatch and their families. These animals have been estimated to be several thousand in number all across North America. They have been seen in South America, Asia and all over the African Continent, in some form or resemblance. They have become nocturnal due to the encroachment of man and taking up their once abundant wide open spaces, where they could live in dignity and not be intimidated by machinery and building. Should we not provide sanctuary for these animals before it is too late and there is no more wild lands available for their existence?

People love to be scared and often delve into the things that excite them the most. Little do many realize that a wild creature of the most magnificent statue is out there and needs its space, just as we do. The Sasquatch is a dying breed, simply because we will not respect it and provide the same safe harbor for it as we do many other species. We are concerned about whales, seals, and polar bears, and rightfully so, but we now need to take a long and caring look at providing our most regal cousins their rightful place in the environment, where they feel safe and secure. I suspect that they are much more intelligent and more careful than we give them credit, because no remains have been documented as being found after they are deceased and few have been captured on film that has been proven as legitimate to date.

It is accepted that they must live in family units and wander about mountainous regions and flat lands in search of acceptable habitat. They eat many of the same vegetables, nuts, fish and other meats that human kind do. They are very curious about social issues of campers, and children in particular. They have been observed washing in streams and catching fish. They have been observed climbing trees, though they do not seem to do this often. They are curious about cabins and their contents, and many have even explored the insides when they are left vacant by owners. These creatures are too much like us for us not to care about their futures.

I hate the thought that one day we may see a family of Sasquatch in a zoo, behind metal barriers, and how they might feel so empty in their existence at that point. It would be a total shame for that to occur and we must prevent this from happening. New laws must be made and enforced so that these creatures will have a future and live undisturbed in the wilds around the world. They deserve the same respect as the whale, polar bear, Grizzly, porpoise, and thousands of other wild creatures whose lives depend on our STEWARDSHIP.


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    • joanwz profile image

      Joan Whetzel 6 years ago from Katy, Texas

      I'm with you when you say "what the heck are they going to do if a six hundred pound eight foot tall mega-power, attacks them because they are being too annoying and driving the critter off the deep end?" I alway wondered the same thing. I also think these big foot hunting shows are so repetitive. THey're just doing the same things over and over in each show, with the same results - nothing. I have quit watching.

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 6 years ago from United States

      Many of our Native Americans have testified that they have been aware of the Sasquatch creatures for hundreds of years and are of the strong opinion that they should be left alone and given much respect.