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Breeding the Master Race

Updated on January 15, 2010

In the Beginning......

...and what a wonderful world it will be...

The true promise of National Socialism in Germany, at least in the minds of those at the pinnacle of power, was not measured in terms of physical borders, mineral resources, or in military strength.

Rather, the creation of ubermench, the blonde-haired blue-eyed men whose only known father would be the German state, was to be the symbol of Aryan manifest destiny across the globe. Fascinations with genetics mixed with aspects of the religious occult inspired the ambitions of the NAZI elite. People of all types were measured in every way by German scientists and officials. For some, these statistics would give an edge of superiority, while to others, these numbers would compound already established negative beliefs and characterizations...

No single segment of German society was left unscarred by NAZI control. While the nation's Jewish, Gypsy, homosexual, and political dissident populations were investigated, isolated, and actively incarcerated and eliminated over time, those of the "accepted" population suffered from similar treatment.

In German Aryan iconography, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed vibrant and healthy boy and girl, and man and woman were idealized. Yet, "accepted" Germans are not widely blonde and blue....

As Mendel did with his flowers, the NAZI government instituted a program through which a new elite population would be built. With his Waffen-SS serving as fathers, all of whom were blonde and blue, women selected by a scientific bureaucracy would spend their time bringing forward children.

With this said, the identity of the parents were to be kept, and largely were until recently, secret from the youth. In this way, their service, their loyalty, would be based on the German state....the fatherless with Adolf Hitler, or someone else, as their collective patriarch.

Taking Selective Breeding to the Extreme

Eukaryotic Cell and the Human Being

Instead of "momma" and "daddy", can you say "Fuhrer"?

The Men Who Would Try to Play God and Their Sources of Inspiration

The architect of Lebensborn, Heinrich Himmler
The architect of Lebensborn, Heinrich Himmler
Not only did the United States provide financial and industrial assistance to NAZI Germany, but it also provided much of its support in terms of philosophical justifications....
Not only did the United States provide financial and industrial assistance to NAZI Germany, but it also provided much of its support in terms of philosophical justifications....
Novels by Jack London, but especially this one, were favorites of Hitler and Himmler, providing insperiation and further support for their actions..
Novels by Jack London, but especially this one, were favorites of Hitler and Himmler, providing insperiation and further support for their actions..
...and then there are the books about the "undesireable other" that had to be identified and removed from the "Aryan" social "body" that was being created...
...and then there are the books about the "undesireable other" that had to be identified and removed from the "Aryan" social "body" that was being created...

Welcome to Lebensborn

War is a cataclysmic event that brings about all types of change. Certain segments of a given population are stirred for action while others are put down and degraded.

National Socialism itself enabled the establishment of a new cadre of male elite.

The Waffen-SS was a testament to this. Their men were selected from the "best" and 'brightest" that could be found.They had to be strong of body and mind, and be completely loyal to the state. In return they received premier status; wealth and power.

The wives of these SS men were able to utilize Lebensborn benefits, which included tax breaks, preferred loan status, and free health care, but this program opened opportunities for single women who were willing to literally serve as incubators for the future army that Hitler fantasized would lead to the "thousand year rule" of the Reich. The more children one could produce, the greater the incentive and payoff for the breeder. With its first facility opening in a small village outside of Munich named Steinhoering in 1936, in the end: "there were 10 Lebensborn homes established in Germany, nine in Norway, two in Austria, and one each in Belgium, Holland, France, Luxemburg and Denmark. Himmler himself took a special interest in the homes, choosing not only the mothers, but also attending to the décor and even paying special attention to children born on his birthday, October 7th" (

Much in the way Anglo-Americans perceive their ethnic majority waining as their birthrates fall while those of peoples emigrating from nations like Mexico increase, German elites promoted the image of "non-Germans" as threats, creating insecurity in the hearts and minds in the dominant German population. As the United States used various control techniques to ensure the majority and superiority of the Anglo-American population, the NAZI's fostered Lebensborn to boost slumping ethnic-German reproduction rates while promoting the criminalization of intermarriage between German and Jew, and created programs to sterilize and ultimately eliminate "unwanted" peoples from the new National Socialist Aryan state. But, with such stringent standards on what type of persons were deemed "acceptable" for state-sponsored procreation, it became difficult for Lebensborn to produce the numbers of offspring that the "master-race" needed in order to satisfy the future demands of the Reich,

The purpose of this society (Registered Society Lebensborn - Lebensborn Eingetragener Verein) was to offer to young girls who were deemed “racially pure” the possibility to give birth to a child in secret. The child was then given to the SS organization which took charge in the child’s education and adoption. Both mother and father needed to pass a “racial purity” test. Blond hair and blue eyes were preferred, and family lineage had to be traced back at least three generations. Of all the women who applied, only 40 percent passed the racial purity test and were granted admission to the Lebensborn program. The majority of mothers were unmarried, 57.6 percent until 1939, and about 70 percent by 1940 (

This leads to a brief discussion of the Facist mindframe.

This word, fascism, is used constantly by all kinds of people, and it seems a great many do not understand what this type of control system represents..

The type of collective national consciousness that fascism creates can be compared to a living creature; of personal preference at the smallest scale is the eukaryotic cell, and at the largest end, the human being.

The eukaryotic cell is the most basic form of life relative to humans, making up the smallest denominator of every tissue and organ of the body.

A living creature fights every day for survival, whether it is cognizant of it or not. Inside the human lungs, every pair of human lungs, resides the virus that causes pneumonia.. Each day the body fights to keep it in check...the virus cannot be completely eliminated, just held at bay until the body's defenses are too weak to hold it off anymore. This, like cancer or Huntington's disease, is an example of an internal threat, but there are, of course, a wide variety of external threats, from cold and flu, to sexually transmitted diseases and other forms of infection.

The fascist state, being viewed like a national living creature, also seeks to protect itself from foreign and domestic threats. Yet this duty is taken to an extreme level. To gain honor within fascism warfare is a necessary prerequisite, which means perpetual warfare/combat is an ongoing requirement for such a society to survive.

Additionally, a living organism follows a hierarchical structure of authority. In the Eukaryotic cell the Mitochondria make energy, while the Endoplasmic Reticulum serves as a superhighway, per se, for materials moving through the cell, and the Nucleus regulates the overall fuctioning of the cell. In the human body the organs are responsible for specific funtions, regulated by the brain, but also work in concert with one another to form larger systems, which are also regulated by the brain. If, say, the stomach decided not to function the way that it has been ordered, the human will die. There is very little room for democracy within the inner workings of life forms..

The fascist state works the same way. Each segment of the nation's population has a purpose, or otherwise presents a threat to survival. A nation needs to feed, and it does so through the flow of business and development. A dockworker strike works against the ability for the nation as a whole to eat and grow. Such an act would be like the mouth refusing to take in food that has been placed before it....

So, into this creation are inputted the human form of stem cells, youth who have not yet been formed to their specific purposes. Yet, they would be plugged into this system through education, and be indoctrinated to identify with the aggressor through the creation of, political, and economic benefits of all types. When they reached a certain age another network of programs were formed to train the youth for adult life, the most famous of these being the "Hitler Youth."

Ultimately, like their Reich, Hitler's and Himmler's national experiment would fail, just as their eugenics operations would as well. Being that records regarding the parentage of the Lebensborn youth were state secrets, there has been very little way for people who discover their past to track down their true mothers and fathers. In the Reich's desperation to get their hands on youth, many children were kidnapped by force from conquered areas to have their former identities lost, or intentionally destroyed.

For those who had not been stolen from their families, life was still difficult following the war. Many of the Lebensborn houses sealed their records, keeping hidden the heritage of people who were supposed to be the inheritors of the world, while instead,

The Lebensborn babies after the war in Germany and occupied countries did not fair well: since they had no parentage and only foster care, they were often left abandoned or put in orphanages for the remainder of their childhood. When in Germany they had been under special protection of the Third Reich, but with the dismantling of the SS and war crimes trials, not only were they left without support, but save for benevolent foster families, they became targets for violence, humiliation and predators. In Norway after the war, participation in the program was deemed an act of mental instability, and the progeny of the participants, the Lebensborn children were seen as 'defective'. Many struggled for years since with stress related problems such as substance abuse, suicide attempts, and other problems (shoaeducation).


The Destructive Nature Within Humanity

It is very fortunate for current society to have the technologies available to record and share important, crucial periods of humanity for future posterity. Yet, with the crush of available information and the finite time and ability for people to take in and comprehend it all enables some things to become hidden by others.

While the eugenics programs of the NAZI's that denegrated, demoralized, and deceased millions of "unsuitable" peoples within the reach of the German Reich, the manipulation of the "favored" society largely goes unnoticed. Yet, the negative impacts of this seemingly "positive" program (being that it did not involve gas chambers, torture, or the like) are just as tangible and of great importance to people today...

While people think about what governments can do when they wish ill towards their members, what of the destruction caused when governments wish to do well?

It is a hard life to not know personal family history, and to have few, if any real connections to this planet, to this life. I am glad that soon the survivors of this horrific experimentation can rest in eternal peace, and that their surviving families can find comfort, and put away any sense of shame that may be felt because of the trauma that has been caused, and spread from one generation to the other.....  May the greater understanding of the collective humanity around these men and women enable them, and us all, to appreciate one another more, and to learn from the great errors of the past...............  This cannot happen another time... 


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Not all Waffen SS were blond and blue eyed.Aryan doesn't mean blonde and blue eyed.Aryan is simply another term for white.Look up Caucasian race then Aryan race.Both have the same 5 sub groups.Those being Nordic,Alpine,Dinaric,East Baltic,and Meditaranean.Waffen SS simply had to be Aryan(white,with no jewish decent).My relative joined the Leibstandarte in 1937.He had brown hair and Green eyes.Now,to get into the lebanraun you had to be Nordic.Nordic is Blond or Brown hair,Tall,White skin,Usually light eyes,and

    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 

      5 years ago from Southern Clime

      I wondered if Hitler had planned to eliminate himself since his hair and eye colors did not appear to be his desired colors. It was not reasonable to get blonde/blue to sterilize people like himself when the plan could have been to get only blonde/blue males and females to begin the process. He was selfish to include himself! Why put dark hair and other colors of eyes in it? It seems that the "purification" would have taken place sooner by eliminating people who did not have these characteristics. That would have made more sense.

      There are many people today who want to continue Hitler’s plan using blonde women. When White men make a fuss about blonde/blue women marrying other races, I know what that is about. Can this process really eliminate all traces of unwanted genes, and how long would it take?

      Interesting reading!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thanks this information helped me wright a paper for school

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Doesn't that little baby on the right remind u of the the devil baby from THe Passion of the Christ?

    • LeanChris profile image


      7 years ago

      Great Work.

    • mikelong profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from The largest convict colony in the United States

      Vinnie...I agree with you regarding American history...

      In my opinion, based off the legacies of the other European colonial powers, that both the Ottomans and Nazis saw their actions as part of a justifiable nation-building plan.... I mean, who paid attention to genocide here in the Americas, or in Africa, or Asia at the hands of English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and American hands?

    • vinnielee2010 profile image


      8 years ago from Apollo PA

      Hello Mike

      First good job with your Hub it is well informed and writen

      second thank you for serving ( I was 82nd)

      Now we look at all the tings that Hitler did and scrutinize it


      But I often wonder How his methods would be viewed if he won??

      I know our life would be diferent for sure

      I often think of Americas civil fight with "Manifest Destiny" And the killing of over 17 million natives and the promotion of men taking native mistress to breed out the culture

      But that may be a different hub altogether

      Good job Mike


    • qwark profile image


      8 years ago



      Well written.

      The human animal is a predacious beast which is living according to it's genetic programming.

      The information you offered is but 1 example of myriad atrocities perpetrated by an incipient, evolving "creature" whose ancestors survived because they were the "smartest" and "baddest" of them all!

      Those "genes" are "young" in terms of geologic time.

      It will take many millenia of life and mutation to realize the creation of a form of human life which has been able to sublimate it's natural, propensity, for the "kill."

      The human species is profoundly involved in it's evolution.

      The obvious question is; can it adapt and survive?

      Only time has that answer.

      An enlightening "hub!"

    • mikelong profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from The largest convict colony in the United States

      It is indeed Mr. Deeds.....thanks for coming by and reading my work.....

      Have a great day...

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 

      8 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Fascinating, horrifying story. Well done, Mike.

    • mikelong profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from The largest convict colony in the United States

      Thanks for leaving your mark and insights Tony..

      It is always a pleasure to hear from you...

    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 

      8 years ago from South Africa

      This is such an imp;ortant story, such an important Hub, I can't believe I'm the first person to comment on it?

      The ideology of racial superiority is so evil and so pervasive we often don't even notice it around us. And, as you point out, it does terrible harm to those who "benefit" from it also.

      In South AFrica we had laws during the apartheid era (which we are still struggling to shake off) that told us who we could not marry, who we could not go to school or play with, who could go to university or to parliament, etc. And we white people are still under that shadow and having to re-learn our humanity because of apartheid. And of course, there are many who are refusing to do so.

      Thanks for this amazing Hub.

      BTW was Hitler himself blond and blue-eyed? I don't imagine so looking at his pictures.

      Love and peace



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