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Legalizing Marijuana In Mexico

Updated on December 6, 2016

Marijuana in Mexico

Marihuana is a controversial topic in Mexico since it has brought a lot of issues in Mexico. Some background information on drugs in Mexico is that Mexico has been very affected by the drug industry; it has lead to national insecurity, in these past years the government of Mexico has taken a strict position against drugs and penalized any drug related crimes. We also have to take into consideration that this drug even though it is illegal it is highly consumed in Mexico, research done by the government that the most consumed illegal drug in Mexico is marijuana. Recent actions done by the Supreme Court have arisen the debate of the legalization of marijuana. Since last year on November when the Supreme Court approved a permit for some people, which is a protection that allows four people to cultivate and smoke marihuana. This is the first step in his or her plan to get it legalized for everyone in Mexico.

Marijuana Vs. Legal Drugs

Since we are talking about legalizing a drug lets compare marijuana to other legal drugs, which are alcohol and tobacco. First lets compare it to alcohol, studies have shown that hat the dangers of marijuana were overestimated while alcohol has continued to be underestimated. One key point in favor of marijuana is that there are no reports of deaths by overdose by the use of marijuana and there are thousands by alcohol intoxication. The World Health Organization (WHO) found 3.3 million deaths in 2012 were attributed to alcohol consumption. And recently, a comparative assessment published in Scientific Reports found alcohol to be 114 times more deadly than marijuana. Now lets compare it to tobacco, marijuana is chemically safer to consume than tobacco, and it does not have the cancer dangers smoking tobacco has. Also someone addicted can smoke up to a whole pack or more of cigarettes, while a marihuana user does not smoke so much in comparison.

Arguments in favor of legalizing

The arguments in favor of legalizing marijuana are that the tactics of the war on drugs has failed; the death toll in Mexico is too high and applying the same tactic again and again will just give you the same results. Another argument in favor is that by legalizing the drugs the government will receive a lot of money, for example Colorado netted 70 million dollars last year and this is just one state. The government will now have a control over the drug, you remove this control from cartels and you at least can give the consumer marijuana that has not been modified in a more harmful way. Regularization of marijuana is the key for a safer Mexico. You will remove a big chunk of power and money to these drug cartels by removing their marijuana business. Marijuana does have some health benefits that can be taken advantage for by some people.

Arguments against legalizing

Then there are the arguments against the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana does have negative effects on your body such as, in your lungs such as bronquitis, also cardiovascular problems and if you are a teenager it affects brain development with mood swings and depression. Marijuana is known as the gateway drug; with this drug you can be lead to other more dangerous drugs. Legalizing will make it socially acceptable, which will lead to the increase use of this drug. More accident can occur because of people driving under the influence of marijuana, such as alcohol.

My conclusion

In conclusion I am in favor of legalizing marijuana. The government has tried the war on drugs strategy and failed miserably, it is time to try something new. It will be good for the economy as it will bring revenue to the government and you are also creating a new industry. Marijuana is less harmful than tobacco and alcohol and it will bring some benefits to people in pain. It does not matter if the drug is legal or illegal; people will still have access to this drug and even easier if its illegal and people will also still consume it.


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