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Lego, a childhood memory

Updated on October 19, 2016

Lego, a legacy

I remember fondly of the day back when I was a kid, digging into a big pile of toys that I own. Among my 'treasures', there will always be a piece of two of the colourful Lego. Ouh and do I love them!

I know exactly why I love Legos back then. I grew up alone and there was not much to do sometimes. By dragging along my dad to the store for Lego bricks, we started having fun at the store itself. We will have so much fun looking at the boxes (they are all the same but we lingered anyways). Legos back in the 90s may not be the same as it is now. Wheels and flat bricks are not easy to find.

Remember I mention about our fun started at the store? Well, we continue our fun back at home. My dad and me will be sitting anywhere; in front of the TV, at the dining table or in our kitchen to build something. It was a great time for us to bond and collaborate. Sometimes, I grabbed a piece of paper to show my construction design and my father will have a huge smile on his face, laughing at my seriousness that was a bit too much. But he played along and I think he secretly loved it. We collaborated together and we talked while building stuff.

Hmm..That was a great way to bond with a kid. I should remember to have Lego incorporated when playing with my kids.

Garnering creativity among kids comes in a various ways. Some dance, others act and building things with Lego is included too. I say so because I have seen how kids play with Lego and how they manage to create things. Leave them with Lego bricks and see how they build stuff. It can start with a one colour wall. And before we know it, they are onto cars and animals and many more. It is truly amazing to see how kids started being creative with Legos.

Different children have different personalities; a case not dissimilar to adults. Lego bricks can help shy kids build their confidence. By letting the kids be creative, we can slowly build their confidence. It is a chance to applaud their efforts and in time, they will have the confidence to interact with other people; be it their peers or someone older. Despite the small sizes of the colourful bricks, Lego helps to build social skills.

In handling the pieces of Lego to the children, we are also helping them to hone their problem solving skills. I remember my father asking me, ' we are going to build a car. So now, where do we begin?' Here comes the part where children (and adults alike) will have to stare at the Lego bricks and decide where will be attached to which part, what makes the foundation and whatnot. This can easily be a good bonding time (or quarreling time).

As we realize, Lego is not just the small bricks we use to see when we were younger, at least not for me. There are a lot more different Lego themes now such as The Simpsons, superheroes and the ever popular Star Wars. Not only can we be creative with the basic ones, we can easily get our own Tie Fighter build. I know I am!


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