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Lend Your Helping Hand

Updated on June 5, 2015

The Poor Is In Your Hand

Look around you! You seem can't take there were many poor people who are in need of your help. I'm referring to those who can't do anymore due to disability especially the old-aged people. Homeless children are scattering around begging for food. Some were being abused and were used to be front liners in any forms of illegal dangerous activities.

Perhaps you're just sitting down at your couch earning so much money as seem enough like the world's value. Think it over and over again, where will you spend your treasure? Somehow, this blog at times can be your avenue for the greatest reward which nothing in this world could give. It's the priceless value of your in depth compassion in order to share a tear of joy to those people who are wailing and suffering in this world.

It's time to evaluate among ourselves how precious it is to see people's poor eyes with shed tears of gratitude brought by your compassionate heart and helping hands. Your name couldn't be forgotten in the hearts of those whom you brought into a life regained with your given strength.

If you have enough resources and more than what you expected, please do think many times that your treasure can produce a legacy in the community who really cared the poor society who would soon become helpers and rescuers of many lives when tumults come.

We must think it over and over again that no one can hold one's life. There were situations in life that neither rich men can take hold of it. When calamities or accidents came, the compassionate hearts of the poor were those at times reached out action for voluntary service for the sake of help.

Life is something we can share but not being served out of greediness and serious servitude. We must help the community to raise up individuals with affection and care. We should enhance every concerned people to be true helpers of others joy while there's an opportunity.

It is in this life you can think of more priceless treasures and make others win in their life's battle. You could not win people while you are in the next world with fate had brought with so much grief and misery through greediness. It is the answer of your fulfillment in life when your own life marked the true legacy of share and care for others.

When you had enough and more than what you need in this world, give it to the poor. They were those who deserved to be uplifted in this world. Help them with due and reasonable provisions how to prolong their life to make their journey meaningful and memorable.

The cost and price is due harmony and peace among next generation who were agents of good and lovers of true morality. The effect of greediness is so severe that it would cause behavioral instability and a threat of peace and order.

Enriching true values of people in the community is the sole importance to maintain peace and sovereignty in our land. It starts from the simple act of generosity and extension of our lending hands which give more hope and prosperity to our poor people.

This is the way to treasure more priceless values compared to worldly treasures. Remember that your helping hands will result in giving precious memory which were kept in the hearts of the poor.


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