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Let me define Life now

Updated on June 11, 2013
Life we still need to think about
Life we still need to think about

Before Birth or After Death?

I am sure no one is there who suffered before his birth or after his death. One always goes through the middle era which is so called life and had defined a thousand times by thousands writers. Need to mention why I never wrote here before but I’m hub pages member since a couple of years now. I just come to find/read good stuff here which may help me resulting in my vision exposure. Today I went through an article of my friend about her feelings on life and I felt awkward and disagreed with few of her points. Anyhow I moved on and searched more and found few same statements what she wrote. I concluded that most of the people write on things without really experiencing them. Writing something depicts writer’s feelings and one cannot feel unless it’s experienced in actual. For example; I can’t love my girlfriend if I don’t have one. I can’t feel cold under the sun when it’s real hot in summer. I am not getting against to any one; in fact I highly appreciate the time they spend on writing good things. All I want to describe here is my own experience on life. I don’t depend upon my feelings neither I believe in imaginations or future. I can’t predict the upcoming seconds. Guessing something isn’t prediction which I can do though that tomorrow I’ll go gym and then will have a drive with my friend in the evening. Guessing is something if future comes and everything stays the same way as judged.

Life begins when you land to Earth and start fetching your mom’s breath. When you were kid, do you remember how you spent your first month? If no, then does it mean that wasn’t a part of life? If that was a part of life than it proves everyone can forget several things in life. The only thing which no one forgets is to respire, so life has a deep relationship with respiration and it actually makes sense too. Ok moving forward. You get young and start playing with toys or start going to school, your feelings do change accordingly and you try to enjoy the life as best as you can. After 10 years, your start going to college and fell in love with a girl, what happens now? Your feelings change at all and several people do mark a U-turn in life after they fell in love. What if a breakup happens? Do people die? I don’t think anyone dies neither did any. So feeling changes once again but life moves on. Do you really think anyone would commit suicide if he’ll be unable to achieve his life goals after 20 years of struggle? Still don’t think so. Life still moves on. Breath doesn’t stop till the life is moving on. The practical meaning of life is respiratory system which once stopped, life ends.

Talk about virtual meanings of life. The goals… aims… senses… . One does experience what he never wished for and one does experience too what he ever wished for. Both are the cases and could be happened to the same person too. Life is a journey which takes you to your destination. Whether it is death or an eternal identity. Death is a super natural truth and the first phase after your life completes. This phase for me is the most important phase which summarizes your life as a closed book or an opened book. Concentrating point is where to concentrate. The life or the life of world. The life book which opens after the death stays open till the life of Earth and life book which closes in the first phase after death is an ordinary and never going to be opened book. So the decision depends upon us living our lives. Whether these 365 pages of our book for the whole one year are going to be read again by someone or going to be locked. The same way, life passes and pages kept stimulating. Why not utilize our each breathe and make it breeze for other by helping them out and spreading our knowledge. Let’s not get our book closed with our last breath and keep it opened for others. Let’s make each of its pages progressive. No one will need to flip the pages quick to find something interesting if each page is interesting. And then the definition of life changes :-). Life is a story board and we are pencils. Our story keeps embossing with each passing second. Remember, everything in this world has an end. What lasts longer, is the NAME made by the efforts. I wish if my book keeps opened after my life for others before it gets read by God Almighty on the Judgment day.


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