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'Let the future to see the animals': Endangered Animals chapter 1

Updated on June 28, 2015

The World is not just for humans. It is for every creature living on or beneath the earth. Every animal has a reason and place here equally. But the dominating nature of humans over other species took them on the verge of extinction. Pollution,deforestation and industrialization for our own benefit had pay a lot to us and will be a great hazards for every species including humans. Natural changes occur at a non-stop but steady rate which are causing the animals to lose their homes and food sources, and plundering them to die. There are almost 2500 animals and 1500 birds which are on the verge of extinction.
I have made a list of 10 critically endangered species which are common and their absence will means a lot to us. I have uncounted other endangered animals but that surely be included in the second installment of this article.



Tigers are native to Asia and are the national animal of India and Bangladesh. There are 9 subspecies of tiger and all these species are endangered. 2 tiger species have already gone extinct. Total number of all the species of tiger together counts fewer than 3000 individuals remaining in the wild.
Continuing deforestation and poaching could push the remaining tiger to extinction. Tigers are poached for their body parts, which are used in traditional Asian medicine, while skins are also highly prized. And climate changes threatens them additionally.



Polar bear is the first animal to become endangered because of global warning. It is estimated that 22000 and 35000 polar bears are in the world. Rising temperature in the ocean are causing sea ice to disappear for longer and longer periods during the summer, leaving polar bears insufficient time to hunt.



Giant panda is an international symbol of conservation in WWF since its foundation. They are found in forest of the mountain areas of southwest China, which is now fragmented. Due to deforestation and industrialization population of pandas were decreasing day by day. There are only 1600 individuals around the world. But good news is that WWF works together with China government to conseve panda.



Three species of Rhinos are critically endangered, Javan, Sumatran and Black Rhinos. There are only 50 javan and 200 sumatran rhinos are lived around the world. In Vietnam, javan rhinos were already extinct and only a small population fewer than 50 individuals is inhibating in Indonasia.
Demand for rhino horn is the greatest threat for them. Due to overgrowing population and continuous deforstation, rhinos are threatened which leads to their habitat loss. So please dont buy any rhino horn products.



The population of the world's rarest cat is only 57 in Russia and just 12 in adjacent areas of china. They are threatened by poaching, industrialization and deforestation. Amur leopards are the top predators and that means they play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy balance of species within their habitat.



Mountain Gorilla, eastern and western lowland gorilla are the species of gorillas which are critically endangered. As Gorillas are very sensitive to change in their environment, that means presence of humans can be a threat. The population of Africa is continuous to grow at a very fast role. This means more area is cleaned out for them to grow food and for their homes to be erected. The exploitation of mineral resources is an additional disturbance. Another problem is Deforestation, which is a big cause of the increasing destruction of gorillas' population.
In 2006, more than 5000 of them died from the Ebola virus in Africa. There are only about 600 mountain gorillas left in the wild. If proper protection would not taken, in not much time they will extinct!



Of the 207 species of turtle and tortoise alive today, 129 of them are listed as endangered, or critically endangered. Among them Leather back turtle and Hawksbill turtle are on the verge of extinction. Hunting, poaching and climatic changes are the reasons which have threatened them to habitat loss.
They have survived for more than a hundred million years! But now they are facing extinction. There are only 2300 adult are remain in the Pacific. Though these species wear a suit of armor, they are incredible fragile and in need of protection by humans, from humans. They need help!



Emperor penguins, African penguins, Galagos penguins, these are the species of penguins which are critically endangered. Although all the species of penguins are on the verge of extinction. There are many reasons for this including hunting them for oil, taking their eggs, destroying their natural environment, the weather and lack of food supply.



The African elephant is the largest animal walking on the earth's surface. They are easily recognised by their trunk that is used for communication and handling object. And their large ears allow them to radiate excess heat. The presence of African elephant helps to maintain suitable habitats for many other species.
Numbering approx 5 million in the last century, African elephant population were reduced to great extent. In the 1980s, as estimated 100000 elephants were killed each year. The illegal demand for ivory is the biggest driver of elephant poaching.



Whale is the biggest living creature in the world. Almost a size of 30 elephants! But they are also struggling for their life. Out of 11 species of great whales, 7 are listed as endangered. Among these, the Northern right whale is the most endangered of all the world's whale species and only around 350 individuals are found to live. During the 19th century, the right whale got its name because whalers considered it the right whale to kill, as it not only was full of valuable whale oil but it floated after it was dead which made it easy to handle

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Thanks! for giving time to my article. These animals really needs a support 'by humans, from humans' watch more article on these issue. Please give me your view on this serious topic and feedback. Good luck! have a good day and sweet night.


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    • Fahad ansari12 profile image

      fahad ansari 2 years ago from Greater Noida

      Thanks samad. These animals are innocent and they are dying because of our mistakes. We should stop this.

    • Samad ansari profile image

      samad ansari 2 years ago from mau, india

      Great hub.