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"Let's Not Go Extinct!"

Updated on April 4, 2011

Poetry for the Invigoration of Humanity

~~ Fresh From the Trinity Alps ~~ An Excerpt from My Journal

How about a “Let’s Not Go Extinct” Campaign?

Many creatures, brave and fierce,

beautiful, cool, and smart,

no longer are alive,

whose bones inspire art.

Creatures much more able

to endure extremes we can’t,

have dwindled to extinction

like the seasons of a plant.

We all know of the dinosaur,

at least what we surmise,

and the wooly mammoth, and unicorn,

which have expired from the eyes.

We are not so special,

in our strength, or shape, or skin,

thus, we should not be foolish,

and read the times we’re in.

“Let’s Not Go Extinct!”

should be the chant the masses cry.

as our think-tanks figure out

how to inhabit lands, now dry,

and how to maintain numbers

if the waters are to rise,

or to sustain civilization

should solar flares enflame the skies,

and how to tap the heavens

for its resources and wealth,

\in its ability to provide for us

continuing thriving health.

Like any grand endeavor

that seems impossible to believe,

look at what humans now can do

because we continued to believe.

A fast Ford Mustang . . .

The Hoover Dam . . .

Cell phones, and TV . . .

A jet plane and a submarine,

and peace ’tween you and me . . .

Not the same airplane as Kitty Hawk

commutes hundreds through the sky.

Just like that, space travel

will evolve, the more we try.

Instead of having to ride rockets

that might explode, strapped to our backs,

our ascent will be more graceful,

as we keep laying down the tracks

of improving our technologies,

one step at a time,

as we learn to get along

enough to make that sacred climb.

Does Almighty God mean Almighty God?

Or just a Whimp, beyond our sphere?

If our God created the Universe,

then what have we got to fear,

except our own shortcomings,

and not seeing where we steer?

“Let’s Not Go Extinct!”

should be our common cheer.

“That’s just la-la fantasy!”

Some might say, with cause.

There is an epidemic to consider

that might grind us in its jaws.

Its presence is widespread

in the way that people think

and DISRESPECT, just like an illness,

can bring us to that brink.

where no one wants to listen

to what another has to say,

while believing there’s no need to,

‘cause “they’re not worth the time of day.”

in the minds of the afflicted

with the disease of disrespect,

wherein those who have, and spread it,

don’t see the wrong they should detect:

. . . looking at their victims

as deserving of less care.

Unfortunately, this epidemic

has roots and flowers everywhere.

We must be examples

of faith that reaches deep,

which acknowledges that all of us

have a sacred lineage to keep.

“Let’s Not Go Extinct!”

should be the labor call we use

to build a world we can survive in,

before such chance we come to lose.

Creatures much more powerful

have been swallowed up by time,

and if indeed the ice caps melt,

our present bodies are not prime.

So let’s get back from recess,

and all the head games, there, we play;

it’s time to educate ourselves

while we are given time, and way.

I Love Life, By Golly!

I dance when I feel its joy.

When reporting from the watchtower,

words are not a toy.

All through human history,

and creatures in their groups,

the look-outs are essential

for small families, and troops.

Often our bravery is not recognized

by those who wake up from a sleep,

who were somewhere off in dream-land

while our attention had to keep

on every thing around us,

in the shadows . . .in the air . . .

when in the unknown realm of darkness

we stretch our ears to guide our stare.

Back to this poem’s title,

Let’s Not Go Extinct!”

Let us pay the smartest people

to sit around and think.

Just like the think tanks do right now,

let’s make it happen, and get to work.

Let the lazy be admonished.

It’s not time to be a jerk.


W. Joseph Stegner, Jr.

September 26, 2010


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