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Let's Recycle

Updated on September 15, 2011

Let's recycle

It absolutley shocked me when I got to Springfield, MO and found out not only is recycling not mandatory but you actually have to pay for someone to come out and take it for you. Oh my Universe. I'm hoping after several letters something will get done. Until then I use my gas and drive the 25 miles to the recycling plant. Did you know everyday you make choices that affect the environment? How much food do you watse? How much paper? We need to start making better choices when it comes to our very depleted natural resources.

What you'll need is:

newspaper or paper scraps

a large bowl, bucket, or plastic dish pan

egg beater or wire whisk


4 by 6 squares of screen

rolling pins or blocks of wood

plastic wrap


measuring spoons

measuring cups

Ok so now what you do is first make sure your kdis have smocks on and this is done no where near something you consider stainable. It's going to get messy. But it's totally worth it. Have your kdis tear up the paper into little itty bitty teeny tiny bits and fill the bowl about 1/2 way. Now pour a cup of water over the paper and let it sit for about an hour or two. Now let the kids beat or whisk the paper to a pulp. Add about 3 tablespoons of cornstarch to a pint of water then add to the pulpy paper mix and keep beating. Then dip the screen into the pulp mix and pull it out. Keep doing that till the mix on the screen is about 1/8th of an inch thick. put the screen on newspaper and cover it with plastic wrap. Then roll the rolling pin all over to get the excess water out. Keep going. I know it's hard but you can do it. When all hte water is squeezed and pressed out set the screen up so it can air dry. It may take about 24 hours to dry completely. When it is dry peel it off and write a letter, make a card, or draw a picture. Just make sure to use both sides. I did this with crepe paper and it was soooo cool. Tie dyed. Awesome. Then get out your journals and write about the experience. Ask what other things can people recycle, how paper is made the first time, and what can we do to help recycle. Why don't you try added things like thread, dried flowers or small pieces of fabric to the pulp and see what happens? Go visit a recycling plant or landfill.

A really cool experiment is to get a bag of those melt in water packing peanuts. Get a big bowl of water and some spoons. Ask them what's going to happen when you add the peanuts to the water. Try it again with the non melty kind. Then try it again in the dirt and see what happens after about a week. Ask the kids what they think would be better for the earth, melty or non melty.

Have fun!


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